Status of the 30 seconds charge ( not minutes , sorry for the mix up)

I don’t know if you remember it but a few years ago there was this teenager who invented the 30 minutes complete charge.
The patent have been bought by intel I think?
What’s the status on that? Are we using it already or is it still in development ?

Which one of the (seemingly) 7-thousand battery patents you mean? :smiley:

In all seriousness - I don’t know which one you’re talking about but usually the patents over the recent years I read about were not ready for MP (mass production) due to various reasons as either cost or the factories having to switch some things around.

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Okey let’s try a five minute research. Maybe I will retrieve it

Sorry my mix up . It was 30 seconds lol lolololol

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Ah ah ah I’ve taunted your curiosity

It is not a real battery. It is a capacitor (sort of)

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You are certainly more expert than me to know what s the background story of it

Yeah but hat super capacitor can only hold very little charge. If the V had super capacitors only… the battery llife would only last an hour and a half at most be forw you need to do another charge. This is really inconvenient if your working on the way to work.

It’s a graphite super capacitor.

And @iKirin is right. Why do you think the technology is in mass production yet? There is still testing to be done.

I was asking which was the status since it has been nearly 5 years.

Well, nothing has been heard from it yet - if there was a super new & nice tech that’d allow us much higher capacity batteries reliably & for a reasonable cost we’d have put that in the V :wink:

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I m sure of it but since you are in the business maybe you had access to more information

If we had more info that info was at least not available for me! :slight_smile:

I recall in 2016 November me and @Mike had a discussion about those technologies - one of his friends works in the sector and their goal was to provide double the capacity in the same space+weight - back then they were restricted to only circular cells and still had the regular weight for the wattage but at least the space reduced already by a good chunk.

But that’s my latest info about one potential tech :smiley:

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Thanks anyway to have tried to answer it :slight_smile: