Start up issue: cannot find required map name

After the latest update I’m unable to start windows and it keeps showing this message:
Map: Cannot find required map name

Anybody able to offer any help?

Hopefully someone on the forums will be able to help, but I would recommend you also fill out a support ticket on: Eve’s official customer support.


Thanks. I did that as well. Was just hopeful someone in the forum had the same experience and has a fix :no_mouth:

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I’ve found a few scenarios online. That may help:

  • You can type EXIT and press enter to resolve this. It helped me maybe it helps you too. If in the first attempt it doesn’t work try 2 or more times EXIT.

  • Do you have fast boot enabled? If so disable.

  • If you have the experience, and your V isn’t in warranty;

Check to see if there is power going to the hard drive. You may need to replace the cable.

  • Try a new harddrive, also try your harddrive into a desktop PC if available. To see if you can read data etc, back up data if possible. If harddrive readable run a manufacturers diagnostic software to check the drives health.

  • Reinstall Windows if Harddrive is working, and in good health.

The quoted bullet points, are from users with different devices, but with similar issues. The unquoted bullet points are things you could try to possibly fix the issue.

Only try some of these if you are experienced/comfortable enough to try, and if your V is not in warranty.

Basically if a mistake is made; I don’t accept liability.

Hopefully this helps you though.


Thanks! Have tried the disable fast boot but didn’t work. Will see if Exit works

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Unfortunately, it’s pretty much impossible to open the V without breaking the screen, so if the hard drive is dead, there’s not much you can do.

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I wasn’t aware of this. Thanks for the information. The error in question does seem to be most likely a harddrive issue.

Maybe there is an option to send it to Eve for a repair. Hopefully support can point him in the right direction.

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Is this the end?

Hopefully not. Hopefully support will respond, and point you in the right direction.

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I’m looking at the same screen - was working perfectly fine this morning - get home and boom dead. I’ll reach out to support too, but not happy atm.

I have bookmarked this on another pc: [FAQ] When power on device, I see built-in EFI Shell interface, what should I do to fix it? - #3 by Matsleight
I need it every other month,…


My V only has Hard Drive not Hard Drive Windows Boot Manager option and resetting to default settings didn’t fix it either. Will keep looking.