Standby or sleep mode

Can any prototype users advise on this? I knew this device is never meant to replace a desktop but can any prototype user or Eve engineer advise on this as I encounter this on sp3 while downloading files the device will always go into sleep mode even with power source plug in thus my downloading will not be completed.

Pretty sure this is a power settings fix in Windows?


Yup, maybe you should try power management plan settings in Windows.

Definitely this is only a power management setting in windows


Iā€™m not 100% sure we are talking about the same thing, but I used to have similar problems, with the power setting profile being reverted to default pretty often. I think i finally fixed this by making my own profile with preferred settings.

FIX: Power Plan keeps changing on Windows 10 has multiple fixes, just ignore the text on a grey background, as those are commercials for reimageplus, and not part of the solution.

You are right.
When downloading big files through our Pygmy bandwidth connection here I have to set the pc power settings to never sleep and the screen settings to never pause.

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