Standby mode to turn on


i wonder how long does it take to you to go from standby mode to ON - ESO7D03

For me, using mac studio and mac mini (on intel) it takes about 10-15s, is this normal?

My firmware 102, do you think it’s worth to update to 105? I’m asking about updating firmware because i’m using only mac :frowning: and need to get from someone windows :frowning:

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Hi @mlukianczyk,

I saw a massive difference after updating the USB firmware, I don’t know if v106 had any sort of input towards it as I downloaded USB firmware straight after the scaler firmware.

I recommend downloading both up-to-date firmware. Please check out the below and select the ‘downloads’ tab.

Alternatively, please click the quick download links (nicely presented by Jamie):

I’ve just timed two things:

  • How long it takes from power on to picture being displayed.
  • How long it takes between plugging in the USB-C cable to picture being displayed.

In both cases, it took about 10s (+/- 1s) and that’s with firmware 106.

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on my “old” dell 27 - Dell U2719DC it takes 1-2s after push button on my keyboard to show screen od display.

i’m wondering how about another displays 4k 144Hz do they have the same issue from standby to power on and show picture on display or is it only issiue on EVE?

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after upgrade to 106 i see new option like split screen, but loading time from standby to showing desktop of my computer is still the same.

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I’ve never seen it wake up faster than about 6 seconds, and that was with my 970 that did not support G-Sync compatible mode, and could only do anything higher than 60 Hz using YCbCr 422 and 8 bpc. With the 3080 Ti, going full 144 Hz RBG full with 10 bpc, it went up - closer to 8-9 seconds, occasionally at 10 seconds. Both we re over HDMI, the 970 of course using HDMI 2.0b and the 3080 Ti using HDMI 2.1 (same HDMI 2.1 certified cables for both cards).

It is something that we’re exploring to make work faster, but at the same time, it is also something that is somewhat hardware limited, and specifically by certain hardware’s firmware which is vendor locked - but our fw dev team has been exploring a couple of ways to try to shorten that gap as much as they can via the scaler firmware.

It’s an open topic with them and the hardware vendors top try to alleviate the issue as much as possible.


Apologies, I wasn’t clear enough.

But from standby to picture has been faster for me. It usually takes an average of between 10-13secs for picture to display

Now it feels like it’s 6-8 secs for me. I expected you to have similar outcomes as we are using the same MBP/set-up but didn’t realise you were talking about from power on to picture being displayed.

Next time my Mac and Spectrum go to sleep, I’ll have to time how long it takes for them to both wake back up.

However, it did take a long time for the Spectrum to show a picture on screen after plugging it in. This is with the Spectrum in an “on” state - I’ve changed my power LED to red when on standby, and the power LED was still white when I plugged the cable in.

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