Spontaneous meeting today in Munic to have a look at the V 2nd gen prototype

@Gehav1 asked for a meeting opportunity to have a look on the V 2nd gen, with M3.
We arranged a meeting this evening in Munic/Hohenbrunn.
Anybody else who wants to join us today spontaneously?
20:00 Munich / Hohenbrunn very close to A99.
… …


It’s a chance you don’t want to miss :slight_smile:


Enjoy the meetup guys.
Sadly I’m only back in Munich end of May… but by then hopefully with my very own V i7 :smiley:

We should still group up once the IGG shipments are out just to tell each other the latest and greatest tricks… and live the community spirit even more.

This evening @Gehav1 take a look on the V and made a lot of short tests. Please share your impression as well.
PS: It will be his first post. :grinning:


This is awesome! It is so amazing that our community is coming ofline as well!

@Gehav1, where is your post :smile:


Hello everyone!
I’m very sorry that i couldn’t write about my impressions of the V earlier! My weekend was quite busy and hectic.

But first of all i want to thank @zwehn for inviting me to his home and giving me the chance to take a look at the V. I was blown away by his and his wife’s hospitality!

Unfortunatley I was in a rush and couldnt stay too long so dont expect a in depth review :smiley:

So @Konstantinos here it comes :smiley:

I was so thrilled to finally hold the V in my own hands!
Overall the V made a very good impression, build quality, finish etc.
I especially liked the screen, its very sharp, bright and the colors are impressive! I watched some 2K youtube videos and they looked amazing!
And as far as i can tell the pen performace was very good, sometimes it registered my palm but i think its quite normal, i’m not used to write with a stylus. I don’t know if the distance for palm rejection was already altered on this prototype.
I also liked the sound quality, but i noticed some hissing noise with my Shure SE535 IEM’s. I once read that this was adressed in the community but i’m not sure if it’s already fixed. Also the speakers weren’t very loud and not perfectly tuned but i think that was already improved.
The keyboard looks and feels amazing and i liked the (short) typing experience. But it seemed to me that the backlight was not bright enough or as if the keys (or the letters) don’t let enough light through.

That’s it for now, or at least it’s all that i can remember right now. The V totally lived up to my expectations (btw they were really high) and I can’t wait to receive my own V!!