[SPOILERS]Jü - Unboxing and first impressions (Processing)

Hi guys !

Ooooh Gosh ! What a trip !!! :laughing:

This is my feelings during this loong wait :


But the wait is finally over and I am sooo happy !!! :heart_eyes:

I got my tracking number on Saturday 2 and for whatever reason it stucked at HK warehouse, but when DHL picked it up almost one week later on Friday, things went fast, very fast ! My V arrived in Martinique this Monday evening and being at work on Tuesday morning and my work office being at 5 km away from DHL facilities, I called and told them to hold my package, AM COMING !! As a kid I could’nt wait more and back home, so I unboxed my V right in my car at the DHL parking !!! Ahaha :joy: !


Unboxing :

That was really good, one of the best I’ve experienced. Everything was well packaged so my V traveled safely. All my accessories was there as well as my goodies (thanks for that)!









The box itself is beautiful with the very nice touch towards the community (am in the top 20 on the list of thousand minds ! Yay !!). We’ve also got a poster and it taked me 10 long min to find my name this time, that was fun though. But what’s inside the box is even more amazing.







What a beautiful piece of hardware, I mean it’s just feels premium in every way. And again special touch, eve logo on the kickstand, the special engraving wowww… Very impressed by the design. You gotta see it in real life !

The screen… Huum ok. GORGEOUS ! One of…no. The best screen I’ve seen so far. The wait was worthy, really. As a graphic designer on my spare time this is priceless. I’ve also some tiny light bleeding at the bottom of the screen on black background but it’s barely noticable.

Ports, everything is ok. Just what I expected. I can’t wait to use the thunderbolt port with a eGPU though.

The keyboard : I’ve the good layout, thanks god ! Typing experience is great, nothing to say here. Now the alcantara thing, I was worried bout the fact it attrack dust but finally not that much and it’s pretty easy to clean when it did, beside of that woww it feels sooo…sooo nice I can’t stop touch it. The trackpad feels great as well, smooth and accurate.



Speakers : As others I think the sound is… ok but not that great specially when it’s feature quad-speakers. A bit disappointed there.

Battery life : I unplugged my V yesterday morning, I starded writting this first impression on it, I did some graphic stuff, watched youtube videos, browse internet. Now I am at work and still am writting my first impression and I get 70 % battery left with 6h30 battery life estimated. The brightness is set as 30 % though but it is bright enough. I think it’s great so far with light usage maybe we’ll get more juice with software optimisation.

As you can tell, I’m very satisfied with my V, I think the team did acheive a great work, for their first try, this is awesome.

Am not and I hope I wont experience any issues some reported (I’m sorry for you). I really enjoy every minutes I spend with my V. Definitely a great device and should get even better over the time with software optimisation.


I edited your subject a little and added the SPOILERS tag as there still might be people that don’t want to see the unboxing “experience” :slight_smile:

Nice review and personally can agree on many points with you.


Thanks you were faster than me. :wink:

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Great to hear you had a fabulous unboxing! Enjoy and let us all know if any issues pop up…or if they don’t!

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Can’t wait to receive my V too!!
You Sir, are a ray of sunshine! :small_red_triangle_down:


So that’s why there’s so much light in the photos… :slight_smile:

I love the enthusiasm in the unboxing though!

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Jah Man!
Thank you for the photos and your first impression on the V, I hope these promises on the next years!
I’m happy for you breda, enjoy your new toy! At the same time I hope that your pretty little island retaliates from the hair of the beast and recovered from the disaster … Bless you
I’m waiting for my V and I’m very impatient
Good evening!

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Looks great. You couldn’t even wait to get back home to open it :rofl:

Yeah that is a lovely post in the middle of all the other stories :slight_smile:
Weird timing that a post from december gets bumbed while newers ones got deleted though.

I’d love to see an update on this post. Are you still happy with the device and have you dodged “all” the issues other people are having?

It was bumped by a user, one who has been quite vocal about his dissatisfaction with the wait, in fact.

There are plenty of positive reviews, just that people are focusing on the negative - and also this is kind of a support forum so obviously you’ll find more posts about the problems people are having rather than the happy-happy-good-time they’re having with their V.


Thanks for the link :slight_smile: