[SPOILER] GOT IT! First Impressions

Yesterday the long wait came to a glorious end! I overcame and gained the Victory! So glad I was patient. The package came in good order (except the white box was partly opened)!. The only thing – as others have reported as well – there was some dust on the backside of the V.
After booting up the machine and running the necessary windows updates (which took quite some time), the V was up and running. And it is blazing fast. Nothing what I read in the reports of others showed to be true with my machine (except the keyboard – more later). In summary:
Screen: AMAZING. No dead pixels, torching brightness (I run it most of the time with 25% brightness), beautiful colors, extreme SHARP :wink:. I put the screen protector on (low quality) and took it off after a few hours since it really compromises the performance of the pen and the clarity of the screen.
AUDIO: I am not sure what the others were complaining about. But compared to my Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga the speakers do at least as well. If you expected Bose like sounds you will be disappointed, of course. Especially the bass is missing. The volume is great. The precision of the mid and high range sounds is quite good (better than on other laptops I have had). If we could improve the bass (driver?) the audio quality could be one of the best laptops/tablets out there – I believe.
PowerBUTTON/FIngerprintBUTTON: What should I say? Flawless and blazing fast. It all works well.
BATTERY: I have run the machine without the power adapter at least 5 hours with heavy installations tasks most of the time. I am quite confident that I should get at least 9 hours out of it. When I am just doing office work, I should get 10+ hours. Let’s see.
PEN: works excellent as an N-Trig pen of the SP3 and SP4. I am used to Wacom EMR (the technology is quite different) and there is the huge difference of hover distance. But once you learn that the palm rejection gets activated with a much smaller hover distance everything is alright. Its just that your brain has to adapt. The side magnets are not very strong but good enough. For me nothing to complain.
CAMERAS: we the community wanted – good enough but not the differentiating factors.
KEYBOARD: Feels: excellent, high quality, perfect key-travel. Function: Once you have learned how the key-combinations work it outperforms the functionality of most keyboards. Yes, the keyboard is a little bit heavier than the SP versions, but I actually like it as it allows for a less shallow writing experience. Bluetooth connection: Again, once you know what to do it works really well. Am glad we got the Bluetooth functionality built in! Will use it quite a bit. However, not all is great. My Ctrl key and my Return key do get a bit stuck when I hit them on some spots of the key surface. That is quite annoying. I am now training myself to hit them on the good spots. It will take me 1-2 days and I will be good. But nevertheless, this is something that needs to get fixed.
TOUCHPAD: This is the most problematic part of the product – I think. It only clicks in the bottom part and it is not very responsive. I hope a drive update will fix the response-part of it. But again, I think I will be fine after a while.
SUMMERY: Do I regret my purchase? Not at all. This is a beast of a beauty. It should do exactly what I wanted it to do and it does it better than the competition out there right now. I am not doing heavy video editing and photoshopping but more office tasks, running virtual machines, researching with databases and spreadsheets and the subjective experience of the performance is on pair with my Thinkpad Yoga i7 8GB 256GB. For those things that did not go that well: I should be able to adapt my brain to hit the critical keys in such a way that the hardware limitation is overcome. I hope the touchpad sensitivity will be improved through a driver update. I also hope that the basses of the sound will be resurrected via a driver update. All in all: I am more than glad and pleased.

Here some photos:

IMG_20171213_130606411|375x500IMG_20171213_125921639IMG_20171213_125625686IMG_20171213_125552742_LI (2)IMG_20171213_125821182IMG_20171213_125914843IMG_20171213_130328060IMG_20171213_130046672IMG_20171213_125754171IMG_20171213_125857965IMG_20171213_125721130


Out of interest where may help identify the dust issue. Where are you located. Could help identify the 4px location re dust

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I am in Michigan. The package came from the LA warehouse.

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That dust is definitely not normal or okay. Products should arrive clean.


WAsn’t there a fire over that way recently?

Yes, but not sure whether that was the reason for the late delivery.

ah i was referring to the fire… ash… dust…

(aka a poor joke)

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I had the same dust today on my device - not that strong (to take a Picture) - but it was there.
Stuttgart, Germany - Warehouse Luton (UK).

Yeah it’s obvious that the shipping company is opening packages and snooping where they don’t belong. My guess is they don’t have a freaking x-ray machine so they are doing it the old fashion way.

My concern is what else are they doing to the V, that they shouldn’t be doing?

4PX pack all the components of the V into the V box, and then bubble wrap it into the plain brown box. I don’t think DHL is snooping in them. I do however think 4PX isn’t doing a great job from what people have been reporting.


Btw. the magnets for the pen work just fine. You just have to flip the pen (pen tip up) and it holds the pen quite sturdy.



That dust everywhere is crazy. Are ther putting the Vs in their packaging in the middle of a construction site? Or is it possible at all it gets through all those layers during delivery?

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From some of the pictures I’ve seen, it looks like the dust was applied directly to the V. As if it was handled by a very dirty person, or dropped in a pile of dirt.

Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit, but still, there’s more dirt than would make its way through the packing.

I’ve heard some say the pen attaches well to the front or back, more so than the side, would you mind trying?

Mine was dust free though the screen protector scuffed. Probably be OK under the outside layers.
Re dust mine been packed by 4px Luton so must have swept up before

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Hope mine will pass customs without trigger some anti-drug sniffing dog when the dog sniff my V package with that white powder inside.

I’m just joking… :wink:

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The magnets are a bit stronger on the front but then you have the slippery glass… So think the side still works best.

Pretty sure the dust is baby powder from the person that packed the v. It’s used alot to make you feel dry in the hot climate.

No, that “dust” is actually spores from the fungus that grows in the hot and humid climate :space_invader:

Actually its VIC and NSW which are always on fire… QLD has been blown away. NT fainted from heatstroke and SA is in the dark