[SPOILER] Another HEB user experience

Hi @Team and other community members ,

Eve arrived a few days ago and after spending some time with it here are my first impressions and thoughts:
(Please note that I have been a surface 3 user for the last couple of years and you might notice a lot of comparisons to that device.)

Unpacking -

The packaging on my V was proper (inflated bubble wrap etc.). However, the V itself was somewhat dirty with marks on the back which initially looked like it was scratched. They were easily cleaned later but I didn’t expect the device to arrive in such a condition. At the back under the kickstand there were some marks which looked like some tape was applied and removed but the marks or residual glue wasn’t cleaned before shipping. I have tried cleaning it but it hasn’t fully gone and it doesn’t look very nice. Even if it is very light now it is still very annoying because I can still notice the glue residue and marks. (see attached images)

The device itself is quite heavy and for the overall look and feel, the material and build quality doesn’t feel as premium as the surface devices. The difference is very noticeable in the hinges and the kickstand. I sometimes rest the device on my hand with the kickstand open to watch videos while lying down or in a relaxing laid back position on the couch. Although this works just fine with the surface, on the V, besides the very noticeable extra weight, the hinges and the bottom part of the kickstand just hurt my fingers after a while. (and not just because of the weight of the device.) When I close the kickstand a gap appears between the kickstand and the V’s main body which disappears if you push the kickstand “into the body” while its closed.
and as noticed in some other reviews the v’s body is an incredible fingerprint magnet.


  • ‎no visual caps lock indicator on the keyboard itself. For now I have installed a third party program called Traystatus, however, a keyboard led would have been better.
  • bluetooth connectivity is a very welcome feature.
  • ‎keyboard itself is too heavy / has a weak magnet for its weight (it can fall because of its own weight if you try to pick up the V from top with the keyboard attached)
  • ‎Doesn’t connect backwards to fold at the back when not in use (I think this is a design issue - i can do this with my surface 3 type cover and it’s quite convenient in some cases when I just wish to use it as a tablet. instead in the V if you try and connect it that way it has the repelling magnetic effect)
  • bluetooth multipe device pairing issue. This was pretty frustrating. I have provided a link to a video to show the problem. I attached the keyboard to my phone via bluetooth with the phone available as device 2 (Fn + 2). However, every time that I change back to the V (Fn + 1) and place the cursor somewhere to type, the keyboard just starts typing as if a single key is pressed even though it isn’t. I think this should definitely be looked into by the team.
  • touchpad sunken a bit on the right side particularly at the bottom. maybe also the reason for the right click not functioning properly in some places. This might be my particular unit though and I’ll also write to support regarding this.
  • touchpad not responsive enough when tapping it for left clicks (required quite a hard tap sometimes). Could also be related to the way touchpad is installed on my particular keyboard unit. (see video link)
  • the way keys are installed (which in my opinion are too raised) have a considerable space between them and the keyboard body thereby making the color led’s below the keys visible from various typing angles. This is very distracting and annoying. Specially when watching videos. This kind of gap also makes the keyboard susceptible to a lot of dust gathering imo.
  • I also noticed some skips (or the keys weren’t responsive enough) when typing on the keyboard. I don’t know if others have experienced something similar.
  • Generally speaking, typing is not as smooth an experience as on the surface. The keys feel harder and less responsive than the surface type cover.

Display is gorgeous. Don’t appreciate the splash screen popup of the calibration software each time Windows starts. I wish there were a way to just silently load it in the background.

Audio - utterly disappointing for loudness and bass. Treble really noisy too imo. Overall sound like very cheap speakers.

Pen - The buttons feel a bit loose and wobbly. I would have preferred inclusion of an eraser like tip as with the surface pens. I don’t know if this was a deliberate community choice though. The magnet is also weak to hold the pen attached to the V.

USB ports: The top USB C port didn’t recognize my phone when connected to V. The lower port did recognize the phone but I experienced constant problems when trying to transfer photos.



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Have you already update the drivers of the speakers ?

Visit this page and install drivers, and see if you have to revisit your comments based on the new driver’s changes…we have seen few user very happy about it, let’s see your view post installation…


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Support guys will reach out to you with the best possible solution. Sorry to hear about your experience!