Specturm HOT! when using HDR

Hi. I have noticed that my ES07D03 is noticeably hotter to the touch when HDR is enabled in Windows. When using just SDR the monitor is warm to the touch around the OSD controller nothing unexpected. When enabling HDR in Windows, not necessarily playing a HDR game or watching a HDR movie, but even just at the desktop wallpaper the monitor becomes uncomfortably hot (not burning hot) to touch around the OSD controller and the vents at the back top of the monitor.

Is it expected for the Monitor to be noticeably hotter when HDR has been enabled?

I checked the operating conditions on the spec sheet at it says 0-35 degrees which I believe is supposed to be the ambient temperature which is indeed the case in my room. If 35 degrees is supposed to be the operating temperature of the monitor it’s way hotter than that.

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High temperature is expected, especially when running high resolution, high bandwidth video signal that requires equally demanding performance from the monitor itself.

Operating temperature refers to the ambient temperature in which the monitor operates. As long as it is within range, then it should be fine. A few things to check, if you are worried about the heat is to make sure you have good airflow in the room, or to make sure that the unit is not exposed to direct sunlight.

We conducted a heat test as part of the production process to make sure that the device is running perfectly well with all features enabled.


Would you be able to share the results so I can compare them to my own? HDR vs SDR is just a colour space change. I understand the monitor has 16 dimming zones when HDR content is being displayed vs a global dimming zone with SDR. I am assuming it is this layer and the power consumption changes when HDR is enabled to produce the extra heat?

HDR is not just a colour space change. It’s an increase in bit-rate from 8 bits to 10, which means a significant increase in data to process.

Over-Simplified: The display is going from processing SDR Red, Green, and Blue values to processing HDR Red, Green, Blue, AND Intensity/brightness as a fourth value. That’s 33% more data per pixel.

Hence, the in-display processor needs to work harder to handle the pixels. Hence, the processor generates more heat.

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Thanks for the explanation on the differences between HDR and SDR

Hopefully, Eve/Dough can share what they observed in testing just so I can rest assured.

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Yeah sure I will look it up and see if there are some data that we can share on this matter :slight_smile:

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This is an issue that got raised several months ago. I made some temperature measurements just inside the top of the rear area of my Spectrum and got temperatures somewhere in the 40C +/- 5C range. I was told at the time that these were perfectly normal.

Electronics don’t mind these sorts of temperatures. They’ll quite happily work at temperatures that would instantly burn you when you touch them. For example, desktop CPUs will get to 90+C before they enter a thermal throttling state, and shut down at about 105C.

You only need to worry if the Spectrum gets that hot you can’t touch the plastic case for more than a couple of seconds at a time.