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Hello guys,

We made our first wide strides into 2022 and I feel like hosting a nice community discussion to kick us off on a high note!

My first Spectrum gaming experience

Let me begin by saying that while my background is in media & entertainment, your girl here is not a gamer. Nonetheless, I am fascinated by the way the industry has completely redefined modern-day entertainment. During my Christmas break, I had my very first gaming experience on Spectrum. My personal preference goes to story-rich content with mystery/murder flavor and since I’ve been eyeing L.A. Noire for about an eternity now, I decided to give it a shot. Precisely 46hs later, I had swept all the badges coming my way and well, now I want more.

LA Noire

I am curious to hear about your experience gaming on Spectrum. So, I am shooting a few questions to start us all off:

What are your go-to games to play on your Spectrum?

What are upcoming gaming releases you’re excited about?

(Bonus for extra :hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper:) What game titles can you recommend me to try next?

Would love to read about your experience; drop me a line below!



Go to game is Destiny 2…I usually only play single player games but I play ever season of Destiny with friends.

I’m very excited about Elden Ring and Horizon Zero Dawn in Feb. Those are my most anticipated games this year.


Go to games would be Apex Legends or CS:GO.

I’m excited to play Diablo II: Resurrected to soak up more detail than ever before.

I’d recommend some games you can play with friends or the general community:

  • Human Fall Flat
  • Among Us
  • Overcooked
  • Fall Guys

Awesome, thanks for sharing! We’re all eagerly waiting for Elden Ring, aren’t we? :sweat_smile:

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Heyyy, thanks so much for the recommendations! Will check them out :blush:

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D2:R looks fantastic on the Spectrum. I’ve played through to about 1/3 though Act 3 so far and it’s a great stroll down memory lane.

Cyberpunk 2077 looks great too. The lights of the city really pop with that HDR peak brightness.

Over the last week or so I started on Mass Effect Legendary Edition and that’s also very pretty. When I’m ready for a break from that, I’ve got God of War (the PC version) lined up and ready to play.


any Assassins creed (currently playing the latest one - Valhalla)
God of War (all of the games and especially the last one which recently was released to PC)
Horizon Zero Dawn.
Red Dead Redemption II
Dragon age (most of the Series)
Diablo II
Far Cry
if you like strategy games then:
Age of Empires IV

there are many upcoming games I’m excited and also games from the past that I really love, the list is pretty long but these are few that pop into my mind right now.


List of Games to play on spectrum with backlight strobing enabled

  1. League of Legends
  2. Valorant
  3. Dark Souls Series
  4. Century Age of ashes
  5. Halo Infinite
  6. Fortnite

Upcoming games

  1. Elden ring
  2. Lost Ark
  3. Demon souls remake for PC (Not confirmed but given god of wars release, nvidia geforce now leak from months ago, I’m sure it’ll come to PC in all it’s glory)

Excited to see the eve spectrum VRR + backlight strobing implementation to play some old emulator games as well. Should be great for league of legends :slight_smile:


I’m currently on a cheapo 144hz TN panel which I use to play Rocket League competitively. Waiting on my 240Hz Spectrum to arrive so I can continue to do so. Hoping it’ll be worth the wait!


Been playing Halo Infinite at 120 FPS which I not sure if was intended to be played at that speed, but it’s phenomenal seeing the clarity of the picture at the speed of my movement on this display. Had some flickering and lose of picture but I was able to get it back by stopping the game by tapping the Xbox controller button then pressing the back button to get back in the game. I think this is a bug in the 120 FPS setting. I should know right away if its this when I play it in 60 FPS setting this weekend.

You should check out Aliens FireTeam it doesn’t push the monitor by way of frames per seconds I don’t know, but it’s a fairly new game that looks good. I have the Xbox at a 120 FPS but I’m not sure if it’s playing at that speed, I’ll turn on the FPS Counter to see this weekend. At first playing with 120 FPS speed there was some vertical tearing but after an Xbox system update it stop.

I also played some of the Alien vs Predator, Alien Colonial Marines and Aliens Stasis Interrupted from Steam on my 2019 Mac mini with a BlackMagic eGPU with windows 10 its also phenomenal on this system compared to playing it on my 17” Mid 2009 Mac Book Pro in Windows 7. It played a lot better believe me.

Thank you.
Best regards



I used to Love Destiny 2, spent many hours raiding with friends and having a good laugh when we had a team that was so disorganized. Good fun! Not played for a few years though found there wasn’t enough content in the seasons.

Really looking forwarded to Elden Ring though, (Just hope I have time to play) I’ve played through all the Dark souls series and Demon souls, and really looking forwarded to the open world style of Elden Ring.

Also love watching the Soul’s lore videos by VaatiVidya on YouTube. He does a great job narrating.

I’ve still not checked out Apex legends what do you think to it? I remember playing Counterstrike: Source back in the day, but moved over to Call of Duty during the Modern warfare era.

I’ll have to check these out! I currently have a thing for putting on Mario Kart on when family come over to visit. Nice fun game.

I’ve still not got round to playing Cyberpunk. Hows the bug situation these days?


Some great games! I can’t believe how long I’ve been waiting for Age of Empires IV, and I’ve still not purchased it now it’s out! I have a backlog of games I’m looking forward to getting around to.


What’s the Halo like? I’ve not played Halo since maybe the 1st one was released on the original Xbox. Used to be great fun to play multiplayer when having your friends around.

<3 Souls series Games! Elden Ring is almost among us!

Not played Rocket league in ages! I remember when it came out as a free came on PS+ that was one of the best fun free games they’ve offered. Never knew there was a competitive scene for it, but I’m not shocked at all. Hey the 280z will sure help scoring those goals!


120 FPS is definitely a game changer for FPS games. I’m now on PS5 so haven’t been able to play the new Halo. What are your thoughts?

I was going to ask what Aliens FireTeam was about, but I’m guessing Aliens :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. I’ll have to check these out at some point I love me some good SCIFi games. Just quickly searched it up, and didn’t realize it was actually based on the Alien Films!

For me I’ve not really been gaming much lately, but really looking forward to playing (when I have time):

  • Elden Ring
  • Resuming Oddworld Soulstorm
  • Warzone
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Pokemon Legend Arceus

I also have a few switch games I got for Christmas that I would like to get into:

  • Pokemon Shining Pearl
  • Super Mario Deluxe (played a little of this one)
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I feel like the new halo is “ok” not the best fps shooter (I still give that to titanfall 2, especially if you want to have fun) and I’m waiting to be disappointed by elden ring. I’ve watched the early game play from streamers and it just doesn’t seem to have the pvp magic the other dark souls games do.

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I never played any of the Titanfall games heard very good things though.

Oh no, I really hope it’s not a flop! :frowning: I watched a lot of the early access content, and thought it looked awesome. Didn’t watch anything on the PVP though.

How does everyone feel about Uncharted being a made into a movie!? The games played like a movies anyway so I think it will be pretty good. I just hope they are able to squeeze everything into a film, I’m sure some compromises will be made with the plot though.

Honestly I don’t think anyone can mention 1 good video game movie. I will say I enjoy the Witcher series on Netflix and the comedy of the Sonic the hedgehog movie but that’s it.

About elden ring, well now invaders can only invade people who have co op summons so best case scenario it’ll be 1 v 2 and worst case it’s like 2 v 4 so the odds are stacked on the host side.

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Halo Infinite is a good first person shooter so far. It plays like the previous games. But I haven’t seen any great special effects yet, but I only played three times or three missions I think. It’s got a new game engine then the previous ones. One being it has a navigation map now like destiny 2. Seems like every developer is going that way. And by the way it I just look on the store and it indicates that it’s 120 FPS. But it Flickers and I experienced loss of picture at 120, but only when fast and a lot of action parts I think its the game and not the monitor.
All the Alien games I mentioned and more have the 20th Century Fox logo from the movies in them. And I can say now that Aliens Fire Team Elite is playing at 120 FPS with no problems now. Tested tonight. So.

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Up until Modern Warfare 2019, I was a die hard Call of Duty fan. I love first person shooters and really want to play them at 4K and 120 frames per second, which is why I bought the Spectrum. Unfortunately, my RTX 2070 is not powerful enough to output at that resolution at 120Hz so I’m looking forward to the day when powerful GPUs are available at reasonable prices again.

The fps games I’m most looking forward to this year (and next, probably) are

  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl (S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is one of my favorite single-player games of all time)
  • CrossfireX (Black Ops 2 x Counterstrike clone)
  • Dying Light 2: Stay Human (Dying Light was a good game but its sequel seems to be significantly improved)
  • Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands (which will, hopefully, be much more like Borderlands 2 than 3)
  • Atomic Heart (S.T.A.L.K.E.R. vibe in a crazy parallel universe)
  • Stray (you play this exploration/puzzle game as a cat! 'nuff said)
  • And Starfield (a new Role Playing Game from the company that gave us the Elder Scrolls and Fallout 3)

Hoping for Titanfall 3, Half-Life 3, Elder Scrolls VI and a return to the nostalgic days of the great Call of Dutys! :wink:


There are still some bugs, but it’s a lot more stable than it used to be. I recommend picking up a copy and giving it a go.

Note: Check out Humble Bundle and Fanatical - they’ve got sales on at the moment and you may be able to pick it up cheaper than you would via other avenues (e.g. Steam).

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Apex has been great since the community is overall pretty good and people take it more seriously/competitively which I enjoy. You can still have casual games though and there are even the arena modes where you play 3v3 last man standing which plays out more similarly to CS:GO.

If you want to turn it up a notch I definitely recommend it as it’s a fast paced shooter with a requirement to think on your feet.

I’m guessing you have a switch? Thinking about getting one since they’re the ultimate arcade/party entertainer.
Anything I should know or wait out for?

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Oh really? That seems a little strange, I love the dynamic of playing through the game then when some one invades it’s like “oh s*#!, oh sh#*!.” I can’t see it having the same adrenaline pumping effect if it’s impossible to invade without having coop summons.

Awesome thanks for the feedback! Yeah, from what I’ve read there have been a few people having this issue with VRR and 120hzs using other devices. I believe this is a game related issue, hopefully they will release a patch for it though.

I can relate a lot to this!

Awesome, that’s really good to hear thanks @NZgeek! I’ll definitely have to check it out at some point.

Yeah, I love fast paced shooters, so would be a nice change from Call of Duty.

The switch is cool, but it doesn’t have a huge library games. If you like Mario, Pokemon, and Zelda it will keep you busy for a little while. I get huge nostalgia when family visit and we play games like Mario cart, Super Mario World, Quiz games etc.

I’ve got the 51 world games, but its not even been opened yet, but looks like a really cool family fun kinda game.

You can use the official emulators for the ultimate nostalgic adventure. The Switch online subscription comes with the NES and Snes emulators with a nice library of games. These play really nice. There is also a “Nintendo switch online expansion” which is a yearly subscription where you get a fairly limited library for the N64 and the performance is reported as not great, but a Sega Genesis emulator is also included in this (Everyone loves a bit of Sonic). The online expansion pass is pretty annoying as it costs £50 on top of the monthly subscription which In my opinion is fairly expensive to play games that you only would have access for a year.

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It is what it is as they say. They really wanted the game to appeal to a more casual audience I suppose :frowning: I’m actually more excited about the demon souls remake popping up on PC. THAT game was a master piece and I’m glad they remastered it with such a good studio.

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