Spectrum with OLED || Announcement

Dough Spectrum OLED 5

We all waited for OLED technology to come to desktop gaming. Today, we are announcing our crowd-developed glossy OLED gaming monitor.

Back in May, when we attended Display Week, we shared our take on major display trends and polled our community to find out which of the upcoming displays they found most exciting. A 27-inch QHD OLED panel from LG Display raised the most interest and discussion, so based on these survey results, we picked this panel as a starting point for our new project.

Due to strict NDAs, we’ve had to start development behind the scenes. But now it’s time to unveil our new Spectrum ES07E2D, which builds on the foundations laid by our crowd-developed Spectrum line-up, the glossy coating we launched to great acclaim earlier this year, and the cutting-edge gaming performance of OLED. So, what are we offering? Let’s have a look at some of the highlights!


Can’t go back

Many of our community members have been spoiled by the immersive experience that OLED technology offers on TVs, phones, and laptops. Once you try OLED you don’t want to go back. But until now, no gaming monitor could compete. That is about to change.

Our OLED panel has individually lit pixels; it’s like having 3,686,400 backlight dimming zones! No blooming, deep blacks and infinite contrast ratio are core to OLED technology, but our glossy coating takes it to the next level.


Unleashed potential

Other manufacturers lock their OLED panels behind matte polarizers to reduce reflections. But our community of enthusiasts from around the world has spoken: reducing reflections is not worth the drop in black levels, sharp detail, and vibrant colors. That’s why we use a unique glossy polarizer, unleashing the full potential of our OLED panel.

Dough Spectrum OLED QHD 240 Hz_matte vs glossy_small (1)

Feel the difference

If you’re serious about winning, you’ll take every advantage you can get. With an adaptive refresh rate up to 240Hz, you get smooth animations without distracting tears or stutters. A response time of less than one millisecond keeps all your frames sharp and in focus. And although OLED is already one of the fastest technologies on the market, we focused on reducing display lag as much as possible, so you see the action as it happens, not after the fact. We can’t promise that you’ll win every game, but we can promise you won’t lose because of your monitor.

IPS vs oled response time


Not curved, not ultrawide

More and more new monitors arrive on the market only in ultrawide or curved variants. And even though we know that there are some stalwart fans of those features, our crowd-development approach taught us that our customers prefer flat monitors in a 16:9 aspect ratio. They take up less space on the desk and have broader support in games, so it only made sense for us to stick with what works.


King of ports

Many of our community members use multiple devices with their monitor, so we made sure to have a wide selection of ports available. HDMI 2.1 ensures that you can use new features such as variable refresh rate on the latest consoles, and our Type-C port will connect your monitor and peripherals to your laptop with a single cable, while charging it at the same time!


Cut the clutter

Cable management is easily the biggest pain point for anyone trying to set up a tidy desk. Reducing the number of cables also helps reduce clutter, dust build-up, and the risk of something getting stuck or pulled off your desk. Our built-in USB hub, KVM switch, 100W USB-C charger and dedicated audio amp let you get more done with fewer cables. Without the clutter, you can focus on your game.


Peace of Mind

Like our existing Spectrum line-up, our new monitor will come with three years of limited warranty. We are aware that one of the major concerns of OLED technology has to do with image retention, often called ‘burn-in’. That’s why we also offer coverage in case of burn-in for the first two years!


Premium monitor, premium design

Our community wasn’t happy with the direction of modern gaming monitor designs. Often designed to stand out, they naturally don’t fit into many environments. So we kept things simple, understated, and elegant. Our design team is excited to reveal the final design soon!

How does it compare?

OLED comptetitor comparison

Availability and pricing

Just like our current models, the price of our new monitor will gradually increase as it nears shipment and a global retail release. Early supporters can benefit from our lean online-only cost structure with no middle-man markups. As we near retail launch, the price will go up to reflect the extra costs charged by retailers. (For example, our Spectrum model that currently retails for $ 949 was picked up by our earliest customers for as little as $ 569.)


*Many of our customers want to use a VESA mount instead of a monitor stand. Selling the stand separately lets everyone gets the best possible value by paying only for what they need.

We will start sending out invitations to our subscribers to lock in pre-order pricing soon. Deliveries will start in July 2023. Subscribe by clicking the link below to our newsletter today for a chance to lock in the lowest price!

UPDATE 14 Dec 2022:

We have just launched Spectrum OLED on Product Hunt. Please support us by upvoting it if you like the product, and provide any comment if you have any feedback on the product! Click here to take you to Spectrum OLED Product Hunt page.

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4k 120Hz > 1440p 240Hz


i think you should go for 4k 144hz and maybe 32".

But to be honest i wouldnt trust you again after the presale of the eve spectrum 4k. More than one year and still waiting for some stable or better firmware lol
Never again.


New monitor being released yet been waiting for a refund for my preorder since april and many others not even receiving the original monitor promised 2 years ago. Cation before pre ordering this.


@Cas Given that Eve/Dough has been wrong about every delivery date it has ever quoted, and that the monitors that were promised for late 2020/early 2021 haven’t been shipped 2 years later, what guarantee do you have for the July 2023 delivery date?

Is this another example of a made-up delivery date to encourage sales, or is this actually a realistic delivery date?


Also, will the money used from sales of pre-orders be used to pay the many customers who haven’t received their refunds when they cancelled their monitor orders after Eve/Dough failed again and again to deliver to their promised delivery dates?


This date was determined to be comfortably achievable as this would give us a large amount of time to fulfill orders after production. Also this is only an announcement for the project moving forward, as this is not able to be ordered yet.

We know that there is a lot of demand for 32-inch, 4K OLED monitors. At the moment, lack of brightness and pixel size issues prevent such displays from being available. But we expect them to become reality around the second half of 2024, and if we can find a panel that matches the desires of our community, we will of course be one of the first to turn those panels into awesome monitors.


It says that these OLED screens have the following brightness:

150cd/m² typical
450cd/m² peak
1000cd/m² peak (HDR, 3% of screen)

While the IPS monitors have these specs:

450cd/m² typical
750cd/m² peak

Does that mean that the OLED screens will be less bright than the IPS screens under typical conditions? Also, do you know if these new OLED screens will have motion blur reduction like the other monitors do? Lastly, will you be offering 4K versions of the OLED monitors at some point?

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OLED combined with pixel-perfect (integer) scaling is great.

If only it was 4K. QHD is basically gaming/movies-only and not suitable for productivity. But monitor manufacturers are limited to panels that display manufacturers offer, so it’s not a Dough’s fault. Hopefully 4K OLED displays of the same size (or better, 24-inch) will follow soon.

Posted a piece of news in my r/oled_monitors subreddit.


New monitor looks great, but I wouldn’t consider buying from Eve again until it’s got its shipping and refunds sorted out. Completely untrustworthy at the mo.


27 inch 4k 120hz would be perfect (32 is also fine). 1440p seems DOA.

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Wish there was a trade in program for my 4K Spectrum lol.

Is the current stand going to be cross compatible with OLED?

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It looks like a new type C port is being added to the USB hub. I can certainly think of ways that’ll be useful to me!

If there’s changes being made to the board to support this, does that mean there’s a potential opportunity to fix some of the issues with the USB hub resetting? It’d be great if this can be properly fixed so that the hub doesn’t keep resetting during video handshakes.


So for anyone considering buying this OLED variant I’d say pass on it and move on. Reasons not to get this monitor.

  1. Brightness is too low vs current IPS spectrum (this oled monitor would have to be used in a dark room)
  2. No backlight strobing (or VRR strobing) which means the current IPS spectrum will most likely still have better motion clarity despite OLED having a lower response time (only below 75 hz will OLED win since backight strobing below 75 hz leads to noticeable flicker but now you have persistence blur which the spectrum IPS won’t have if you can tolerate the flicker at 60 hz)
  3. Burn in risk and warranty, I bought spectrum IPS because there’s no risk of burn in and quite frankly I’m not really trusting the warranty from dough until I’ve seen it in action with the spectrum QHD 280 hz I ordered 2 years ago…
  4. No mention of advanced heatsink, we all know that proper cooling of OLED panel can help prevent burn in long term or possibly allow the panel to sustain higher brightness peaks for longer.

I wish I could say this monitor is perfect for creators but then why pay for the 240 hz? I’m a strong believer that monitors can either be gamer, creator or a compromise of the two; Currently you can’t have it all no matter how much money you spend. In my opinion the lack of brightness combined with the lack of backlight strobing really ruins it for me because I have an LG oled tv with backlight strobe and it makes a world of a difference, it really does make that 0.3 ms response time pop! But sadly LG Oled tvs are limited to FIXED backlight strobing (no VRR + backlight strobing like the Spectrum IPS is said to receive in firmware update) and it’s at 120 hz at 4k resolution on a big screen… I rather have 27" for my desk and QHD resolution. Did I mention that due to these low response times from OLED it would also have less crosstalk than an equivalent IPS? If there’s a limitation to the panel that won’t allow it to strobe, I don’t believe it’s worth getting unless you REALLY want HDR @ QHD @ 240 hz which I doubt anyone really does (maybe more now with windows 11 auto HDR?)
QHD resolution @ 240 is for gamers who like competitive titles or shooters. For people who play games that are RPG like witcher 3, eldin ring, etc you are better served by OLED at 4k at a lower refresh rate because most PCs can’t even hold consistent frame rates that high (240) even with top of the line hardware.

I understand not everyone cares about backlight strobing or even uses it but I see it as one of the BEST ways to showcase how incredible the response times of OLED are by getting rid of persistence blur.

Lets not forget dough is still optimizing their software for the IPS spectrum so unless they use some VERY close to stock firmware on their OLED monitor they are probably going to have as much bugs as the current IPS spectrum (which I do see they are working on and it’s improving every day but they are not there yet).

If they want their community to endorse their product (which I did so for spectrum IPS 280 hz) they are going to have to do something different or add features other than “glossy” to make it something worth telling other people about.

I love what they are doing with spectrum, I hope they continue to iterate and improve but I wanted to give my healthy criticism of what potential buyers might be heading into.


Yes, the stand will be the same :slight_smile:

This model will have a whole new motherboard design, all known issues with our current models (such as the one you described) we have recorded and will be working to ensure they are not problems on this model!

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Releasing a new monitor when they haven’t even started work on the monitor that they took money for almost two years ago is typical of Dough’s approach. As is trying to sell 4K matte monitors to new customers in the US when there are many customers that have already paid many months ago and haven’t received their orders.

The question is whether this will be like the 4K glossy - will they will be shipped to reviewers for free shortly after they are released, while people who actually paid for them will have to wait 6+ months or more after they are received by reviewers.


Will this monitor have Black Frame Insertion? If it does then I’m all in.

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It most likely won’t and it would be a HUGE missed opportunity if they don’t incorporate their VRR + backlight strobing (yet to be implemented mind you) into this OLED monitor. It’s like putting shitty tires on a very expensive porche car. Yes you can do it but you won’t get the full performance of what you bought. Now if there’s a TECHNICAL limitation as to why they can’t incorporate BFI or backlight strobing into this OLED monitor, then they should HARD PASS selling it at all IMO but I know they will do whatever their market research shows (which I think is a little irrelevant because people are more willing to buy from known brands like asus and LG than dough, they REALLY need more features to stand out from the competition other than “it’s glossy”)

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Ya, I agree with you on that. Glossy is great, but without other great features to support it, it could be outshined by another monitor from an established brand that comes out when this one ships.

It might have something to do with preventing or not being validated against burnin but that is just my speculation.

If they could get this monitor Blur-Busters Certified, it would be another great thing to separate them.

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