Spectrum with Google stadia

Has anyone tried it with Google stadia? I just got my spectrum and it seems it can’t display 4k or 1080p.

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Wouldn’t the resolution entirely rely on what platform you are playing Stadia on? Maybe check if Stadia supports 4K on the device you have connected to the Spectrum.

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Stadia has 4k on the chrome ultra, on my 4k tv it works fine but when I connect to the spectrum it can’t go above 720p … But i will check with stadia support.

I actually have a Stadia Founders account, and a prototype Spectrum, and can check using my PC - if Stadia will load and play 4K, on my PC. My 970 might be a limiting factor. But I’ll give it a shot and see.

So, my video card doesn’t support the vp9 decoding needed for 4K.

From Bandwidth, data usage, and stream quality - Stadia Help

On stadia.com

  1. A Windows® computer, Mac® computer, or Chromebook that supports VP9 hardware decoding.
  • If you want to play in up to 4K on a Mac, make sure you have macOS® version 11 or greater and the latest version of Google Chrome. If you don’t have an external display, you may need to go into your Mac’s system settings to adjust your screen resolution to at least 1440p or 4K.
  1. A 4K monitor connected to your computer.

VP9 hardware decoding

To check if your computer supports VP9 hardware decoding:

  1. In your Google Chrome address bar, type chrome://gpu and press Enter .
  2. Scroll down to “Video Acceleration Information”.
  3. Check for "“Decode vp9”, which means your computer supports VP9 hardware decoding.

From Wikipedia: VP9 - Wikipedia

Nvidia GPU family GPU Series
Maxwell GM206 GTX 950 - 960/750/965M
Pascal GTX 1080/1080 Ti/1080M/1070/1070 Ti/1070M/1060/1050/1050 Ti/Titan X/Titan Xp, GT 1030
Volta Nvidia Titan V
Turing GeForce RTX 2060 - 2080/2080 Ti, GTX 1660/1650, Titan RTX
Ampere GeForce RTX 3090, RTX 3080, RTX 3070
Tegra X1 Nvidia Shield Android TV, Nintendo Switch

Notice that the GTX 950 960 and 965, and 750 are listed, but the 970 and 980 / 980 Ti are not listed.

So, no 4k on Stadio.com. However, I can to 1080p just fine.

@Krona90 - what GPU are you using?


Reading the post from @Krona90 it sounds like he’s using a Chromecast Ultra not a PC so it should support 4k, if this is true then it looks like the Spectrum might have a compatibility issue with this device (or possibly the Chromecast Ultra does something odd when connected to a HDMI 2.1 port but I think that’s less likely). it would be interesting to know if the Spectrum was tested with Chromecast devices.


Yeah, I using chrome cast ultra connected to spectrum, it seems it won’t register and go automatic to 720p. I tried it on my MacBook pro 2015 but like before my computer is to old to handle a 4 k monitor for stadia. It will lock on 30 fps and 1080p I even tried some addons to trick stadia for running on 4k but it still didn’t work… On my old screen, which was running 60 fps 1080p the chrome works with no problem.

I am using chrome ultra connected to the spectrum, but i have a MacBook pro 2015 but i didn’t work because my computer is to old… I guess i haft to wait for the PS5 when it get back in stock or enjoy the HDR with my PS4 … :muscle:

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Hey Krona90,
Have you tried going through the OSD, and changing the HDMI port to compatibility mode?


No, not yet. Thanks for the tips, I will try that and come back to you !


Ahh. I thought you meant Chrome browser. Hence my confusion.



No worries! It worked when I changed to 2.0 compatibility! Perfect! Thanks for all the help everyone!