Spectrum VRR + Strobing conversation

So I know we haven’t heard any talk on the progress from Dough (eve) about VRR + Strobe tuning for the current existing 4k spectrum or for the 280 hz model. If Mark’s implementation for VRR + Strobe isn’t possible because it requires too much work I’d like to recommend an alternative approach.

If the frame rate is stable while in VRR mode (say game is consistently locked at 120 hz) then strobe at 120 hz. The moment you start getting a huge difference in frames or swings (say you get FPS drops to 90 or 45 fps) then you stop strobing but decrease the brightness to compensate so the user doesn’t notice the flicker and let the monitor blur while the FPS isn’t consistent. Most of us who play with ULMB (ultra low motion blur mode from nvidia) or backlight strobing in general understand that in order to get perfect motion clarity, you need FPS = monitor hz = strobe timing so normally we use in game cap or riva to cap the frame rate to the 0.1% lows to make sure we are always hitting those consistent frame rates.

My Asus XG27AQM monitor has AMAZING strobing using fixed ELMB at 240 hz but it locks the overdrive, brightness and there’s no options to change the strobe length or strobe phase either. If this monitor has all these options unlocked, it would make it really easy to homebrew a solution through DDC commands to dynamically set these settings without needing additional work on the panel side. Would it be perfect? No, you’d still have some latency changing setting dynamically but it’s better than nothing and it’s better then asus ELMB sync solution as it currently stands. Asus ELMB sync prioritized flicker reduction which is why it looks really bad compared to the Fixed ELMB solution because it’s strobing at a constant rate.

I would like to see an update on the state of VRR + strobe tuning @Cas when the update is posted for the status of the 280 hz matte and the 280 hz glossy option.

I’m very happy to hear that dough is going to have a really special OLED glossy model that can actually compete with everyone else and I hope that monitor does well but LCD + Strobing is still better for motion clarity currently due to the backlight being able to run at 1 or 2 ms intervals vs the OLED 240 hz that can only do at best 60, 80 and 120 hz BFI with 4 ms of persistence.


Hi there,

Thank you for sharing your insight! Of course, the topic of VRR + strobing for 280Hz has been brought up internally multiple times.

I have yet to hear anything substantial on this and I am not sure how long it will take until then. Once it is confirmed it will be something that we will announce!