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Dear community friends,

How are you doing? I hope you are all doing wonderful!!

It has been more than two months since ES07D03 mass-production started, and every day I feel true happiness by reading your valuable feedback! It is absolutely meaningful to me. These days I’ve been busy with the continuation of mass production and ensuring monitor quality. It feels good to make products, and pay attention to detail at an advanced level. In order to deliver the best monitor to our users, we have five layers of quality control. The first is LG Display outgoing quality control inspection for panels. The second is that before input to our production line, we do 100% panel sorting and pick out the ones that cannot meet our standard. The third is 100% testing in a dark room after assembly; if an inspector finds any failure during this phase, we replace it with a good one. The fourth is factory sampling inspection, and last but not least, our third-party quality control sampling inspection for functions. Our single goal is to provide our users the best experience with Spectrum.


Spectrum ES07D03 is now setup on many of your desks, and it’s amazing to hear such great feedback about your experiences using Spectrum! Reviews for Spectrum have been really well received, and if you haven’t already, check out our Review Collection Topic where our community team have gathered these into one convenient location.

With the shipping process, all standard orders that are on their way should now have received an estimated delivery date. We expect to receive a restock of our inventory soon, and estimate express shipping will resume around the 15-17th of September. If you have any questions about your order, please contact our support team. There is also our Dedicated Shipping Discussion available if you would like to Discuss anything shipping related on the community.

All that being said, I have to report that we are now starting to run low on the necessary components for the production of this model. We have of course ordered more, but we don’t expect to receive these until January 2022. When we run out of stock, manufacturing will cease, and not resume until January. If you haven’t already, be sure to consider completing your balance payment to avoid additional delays.


I’m sure we are all fatigued from hearing about how the pandemic has had crippling effects on several industries, but its especially affected the Tech industry; from silicon shortages, to logistic complications, it’s an ongoing issue we’ve all had to face. We had previously communicated about our current supply issues in the Spectrum | Long Awaited News topic; we expected to receive our panels in October. Unfortunately, we have received word from our manufacturer that LG will be further delaying our delivery of the 240Hz panels. Because of this, we will have to delay the expected shipping date for Spectrum ES07D02 to January 2022.


Following on from the status of ES07D02, I have to report that Spectrum ES07D01’s production will be delayed accordingly. Due to our manufacturer’s unwillingness to start the development of ES07D01 until ES07D02 ships, our best estimate for ES07D01 becomes April 2022.

Whilst we understand that the news of these delays will be disappointing. We hope that you understand our position, and as soon as we have the necessary components delivered we will start producing the awesome monitors we developed together.



So if we already have a shipping email but no tracking we are good?

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Is it possible to switch from the ES07D02 model to the ES07D03 model?
Or would the delivery date be the same?


The estimate provided to standard orders is based on communication from our shipping partners. This estimate takes into account all the ongoing issues with the global shipping situation. Once your order is picked up by courier from our regional warehouse, tracking number will be provided.
This does not effect your order. This only affects orders completed when we have ran out stock. Which we will ofcourse communicate when this occurs.

Hey @K7NGP7N,
I believe it’s possible to change your order to ES07D03. Please contact our support team for further assistance.



When I ordered it said the shipping estimate was September, would this still be the case? I’ve only paid the deposit, no balance or shipping email yet.

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How will you inform customers (like @Yep) whether they have made the cut and they won’t have to wait until January? Also, will you offer full refunds if the order doesn’t make the cut? Finally, will this also impact warranty replacements?

Hey @yep,

September should still be the expected shipping date of your order. This will ofcourse be subject to how much stock we have and when you can complete your balance payment. At this time I recommend you contact our support team for further clarification.

Hey @Phil,
We will ofcourse inform everyone when we have ran out of stock, and update our expected shipping dates when this occurs. In-regards to your warranty queries we have stock allocated in our inventory for the unfortunate event that Spectrum does not arrive as expected.

I’m sure this won’t be an issue. In this event, it will be best to contact our support team for assistance.


Based on my experience and other Canadians, it appears standard orders to Canada do not have a shipping estimate. Is Eve aware of this? I tried bringing this up with support but they re-iterated my “useless” floship tracking number that only shows shipped August 3rd.

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Hey @RuffleMyFluffles,

I’ll be sure to pass this onto the team to find out more details for Canadian standard orders.


Have not received any final payment or even estimate as of late, just delay news. Reason I pre-ordered the ASUS PG279QM since I feel I will actually never see this monitor on my desk. Just infinite delay loop from our fault to not our fault, I get the place the world is currently but seems like it will be years since the initial preorder.

Hey @PBinFL77,
So I can understand your situation further. When did you pre-order Spectrum, and which model did you order?

Oct first will be over a year and 240hz

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We’ve not actually started issuing remaining balance payments invitations for this model yet. When we get closer to the expected shipping date we will start issuing these invitations.

Yet another long delay for the 240hz model. Does anyone over there ever follow up with vendors? Or do you all just sit and wait for them to tell you the panels aren’t coming? You’d think after all this there would be constant follow up with vendors about realistic receipt dates for panels. Frustrating to see this again, guess if January 2022 comes around only to get another update of some delay I’ll move on from this monitor/company.


With the pushback on the ES07D02 now approaching the 2 year mark from the first date that pre-orders were first made available, could we get any official word (one way or the other) if potential concessions might be on the table for those prospective customers?

And before the flame war starts, I know the arguments for and against this. I know the pre-order is essentially a reservation fee to get the monitor locked in at the stated MSRP at the time (though currently that price hasn’t changed since pre-orders were available) and does not guarantee you anything beyond that. I know that reservation fee is fully refundable (albeit with conflicting time-frames for the processing of said refund) and beyond having the right ultimately to get back what I paid in, I’m entitled to little else. And I know that this is an industry-wide issue that doesn’t just affect Eve and in no way am I blaming them for single-handedly causing these delays.

But the reality is still what it is. By the time the ES07D02 is in customers’ hands, it will be long past a year from the initial ETA’s. This makes the value of the monitor less in 2022 than it would have been in 2021, in my opinion, as new tech emerges (again… with questionable/uncertain availability). Maybe no other manufacturer will have anything comparable by the time it comes out and the price will remain competitive in the face of alternative options, or lack thereof. Maybe we can’t even have this conversation now because the future timelines for this market are so uncertain. But I would still like official word if there will even be consideration for this.

So can we get a reply to that effect? Even if Eve is suggesting these specific delays are all manufacturer/logistics related and it’s mostly out of their hands, I also think you can’t expect anyone to reasonably believe the newest updated ETA, considering it’s nearly the same amount of time added on as the first estimated delay. 3 months into that, we’re getting an additional 3-4 month delay. Speaking only for myself, my current expectation is that come December 2021, there will be another pushback from the Jan 2022 ETA to spring/summer of the same year. Personally that’s reaching the “throw in the towel” limit for me when even the $100 reservation fee to hold my place in line, is rather pointless when all I see are endless extensions to that line.

I just want to know if concessions are even on the table for conversation or at this point, should we just expect nothing beyond getting whatever we can, whenever it becomes available, and continue to take these forecasted ETAs with a grain of salt.



This is a third time for the 1440p 240Hz delay… Promises upon a promises…
How can we know that come this january 2022 there will be another delay? I do not get it…
You have a contract right, that does not count and LG can just piss on it? This does not make sense… at all!
Can You confirm 100% that this was the last delay at these monitors will be shipping no later than 31’th of January 2022?

This is so bad… that it makes ma laugh to be honest.


Hey @Kazaganthi,
I don’t know if this will be a possibility or not, because when pre-ordering ES07D02 you have secured your order at a discounted price. Also ES07D02 as yet to reach it’s release day pricing.

Hey @viilutaja,
Based on the information we have been provided, once we receive the panels, manufacturing will begin in January, shortly followed by shipping.

Appreciate the response.

Can you clarify this point? You’re saying that pre-ordering the ES07D02 secured it at a discounted price. So far there have been no adjustments to that price (presumably because we haven’t reached release day pricing). But the ES07DO3 has reached release day and there’s on-going supply issues for that panel. The ordering page still shows the 4k panel as being a “reserve now” down payment. Has its final price been changed since the initial pre-order phase despite hitting that milestone? If not, then should I reasonably expect the price of the ES07D02 to go up after you reach its release day? I realize you’d prefer if people didn’t cancel even though it’s been repeatedly stated that it’s always our prerogative to request a refund if we so desire. But the factual basis for the argument that we should keep the reservation so as to avoid an increase in price post release-day, rings a bit hollow to me at the moment. Especially if by the time it comes out, the tech has already been surpassed.

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I’ve just made the balance payment and gone for express shipping :+1:


The price has been gradually increasing for all models. ES07D02 and ES07D01 have yet to be adjusted to their release day price. When you pre-order you secure the price at the date you ordered. The earlier you pre-ordered the greater the discount.

The price for ES07D03 increased over time until it reached its release day price.

We still have stock available for the manufacturing of ES07D03. We just wanted to make everyone aware who’s not completed their balance payment that components are starting to run low. Production has been ongoing for a good few months, and as soon as units are ready they are/have been shipped. Once we run out of necessary components for production we don’t expect to receive more to continue production until January.

When released it will be sold at a release day price. The price currently listed for ES07D02 and ES07D01 is a discounted pre-order price.

This is not our stance, we want everyone who pre-ordered to receive their monitor and at the discounted price they pre-ordered at.

Great to hear @Yep, enjoy your Spectrum!

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