Spectrum takes very long to wake up and Win acts like it was disconnected

So what I notice a lot, is that the Spectrum takes quite some time till he wakes up.
After monitor was turned off by Win you hear some disconnection sounds and if it wakes up the connection sound.
Win is pretty confused afterwards - it acts like the monitor was unplugged and plugged back in again.
It takes a few seconds to wake up, even longer than my other monitor which I considered slow till now.
Anything that can be improved here?


same issue but when turning on. Before firmware 104 it was very slow to detect my pc when i turned it on. i never gotten even a bios screen pop up. 30 seconds to a minute later after turning monitor and pc on i’ll get my windows login screen. firmware 104 did helped reduce the that long delay. Now i have upgraded my mobo to a z390-a, cpu i9 9900k, windows 11 and of course still on firmware 104. its no longer an issue. i turn my pc on i get eve logo. turn on my pc and i will now get a asus boot screen then my windows 11 login screen. my old hardware work fine on my old monitor but not for spectrum. upgraded my board and cpu and it works flawlessly on the spectrum.

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well I don’t speak of boot time, I speak of the reactivation after monitor was set to hibernation after 30min through the Windows powersettings.

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I have this issue, and have had it on both my monitors across all firmware versions. I’ve even gotten an entirely new PC since buying the monitors, and the problem is still present.
The issue has been sitting with support since the beginning of August… not getting much love there. I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll get fixed in a firmware patch, but I’ve heard nothing unfortunately. :crossed_fingers:


Hey guys,

Further shortened image display time is something we will look into. At the moment, possible areas of improvement include input source auto-detection mechanism and HDR signal display. Related improvement will be rolled out as soon as we can, though it is not possible to provide an estimate due to the complexity of resources involved in implementing and testing related changes.


Thanks @Lore_Wonder, I look forward to those improvements as well, however, I think we may be talking about two different things. This isn’t only about the time taken to come out of sleep, but also that the monitor disconnects from the PC while sleeping/upon wake, so Windows rearranges your window placement and wallpapers because it thinks you unplugged the monitor.

Here’s a video demonstration of the issue that I sent to support: EVE Spectrum ES07D03 Sleep Issue


yes, that’s exactly what I was talking about :+1:


If you’re on Windows 10, look into upgrading to Windows 11 early.

Windows 11 fixes that “monitor disconnects and everything shifts”, so if a monitor disconnects your icons will remain where they are.
I believe only if you remove the display cable would it shift everything over.

Its a bandaid to the slow waking problem, but its better than everything shifting because one monitor turned on first or took too long to turn on.

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Win11 won’t be an option for until when I have to upgrade - so until 25 I guess :wink: :sweat_smile:

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Awesome, looking forward to this firmware update. There’s only two things that I want fixed with this monitor:

  1. Input Source Selection time to display. I have this hooked up to multiple sources PC (5950x/3080ti), Work Laptop, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. It’s much slower than what I would expect

  2. OSD menu - currently only appears if an input has been detected. It should be available to the end user regardless of an input source being detected


This isn’t a very good fix, I have a 2014 PC so I don’t have an integrated TPM chip and they don’t make my TPM chip anymore. REALLY wish we had a fix for this.

I agree it’s not a good fix, but for what it’s worth, I thought I’d mention that the integrated TPM isn’t actually a requirement (even though Microsoft tries to make it seem so). If you do a bit of googling, you should be able to find a guide that explains how to install Windows 11 without it.

Yes totally agree on these 2 points. I’m using spectrum for both my desktop and laptop, hence need to keep switching the source ever so often and it really takes so much longer compared to my previously monitor, which only takes literally 1 sec.

The spectrum just feels like it’s redetecting the source everytime you switch input, that’s why it’s taking so long. Whereas my previous monitor always have the other inputs on standby.


I’m sorry friend but this recommendation is absolutely worthless. Not all applications are vetted on Windows 11 and not everyone wants to upgrade. My 3 27" and 1 32" LG monitors have no problem with waking and keeping window position.

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I’m seeing this problem as well.

I haven’t listened to see if the disconnect sound occurs but so far I haven’t noticed it. I’ve followed a few of the solutions found online:

Open Device Manager > View > Show Hidden Devices > Select Monitor > Removed Greyed out values > Reboot was one I didn’t see here but it doesn’t seem to really have much effect either way.

The thing I have noticed, @Lore_Wonder is that the monitor is showing up in the Device Manager as a ‘Generic PnP Monitor’ and I’m wondering if this is lending any credence to the notion that the monitor is not capable of advanced power management functions?

FWIW I am on firmware 104 and I’m using a RTX 2080 via DP.


It’s pure speculation on my part towards that though. I’m not that kind of Engineer.

But this moving of windows is not going to work for me since for my job, I put things where they need to go based on space and needing to move charts and news panels around every morning will mess up my flow very badly.

Did your team test these particular scenarios at all?

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That shouldn’t affect anything. A lot of screens show up as a Generic PnP Monitor. All it means is that the monitor manufacturer hasn’t created a driver (INF file) that describes the capabilities of the monitor.

As far as I can see, having a proper driver doesn’t add much over the EDID information. You can install a default ICC profile or some other software, but the Spectrum doesn’t really need those.

Agreed. It just surprises me that they didn’t take the 10 minutes it would take to generate an INF.

I can confirm that the LG’s all seem to have the same capabilities listed in the properties. I plopped this in the red herring category but felt it was noteworthy just so the subject was out there. This conversation is obviously between 2 users. I’d really like to hear from someone in the actual company about this.

I’m certain they are neck deep in tickets and turmoil with the current shipping environment so maybe Grant (@Lore_Wonder) will have a chance soon to reply.

I’ve also seen a correlation between the monitor being connected and a system halt on revive from display sleep and as a equities trader I cannot keep this on my pc. I literally have to power cycle the machine to get it to respond. No mouse movement, no keyboard other than the initial action it took to bring the displays out of sleep.

is there a known solution for this? I’m running into the same issue

not yet. maybe it will be fixed in some future FW update. not sure if I should contact support on this…

No need to contact support. Eve is aware of the issues and are working on a solution. However we don’t know what will be include in the next firmware update.