Spectrum so far


Hola people!

I am writing this post on the latest Project: Spectrum-related updates.
Next week we will be meeting the manufacturer that we picked to handle the production of Spectrum and to formally kick off the product development stage.

Let’s first recap what we’ve got so far…

The goal of Spectrum…

…is to deliver great color performance and high refresh rates at an unprecedented price to quality ratio, so that you know you’ve made the best investment in 2019 to game, create, and enjoy all kinds of content :slight_smile: !

The stand

In Step 3 we asked you about monitor stands and adjustments options. Here are the results:


Height adjustment and vertical angle adjustment are must-haves, while swivel and rotation are nice-to-haves. We will take this feedback to the manufacturer to see what it would cost to add those nice-to-haves!

VESA mount

A lot of you are planning on using a VESA mount, so our monitor will need to support VESA mounting.

And, this gave us an idea: A quality stand that supports height and angle adjustment has an impact on the total product price. So what if the stand for Spectrum would be a separate item?

Our idea to save you money

We want to make sure that we don’t create unnecessary costs, and give you the possibility of having a tailor-made solution for your needs. About 56% percent of people voted that they are “planning on getting a VESA mount” and we do not want these people to pay for a stand that will be removed and discarded the moment they open the box.

We want to make it possible for you to buy only the monitor, without its stand so you don’t pay for something you don’t need. Of course, the “standard” stand will also be available for purchase.

  • I think it’s a good idea! I would be interested in buying a monitor without a stand because I would use a VESA mount.
  • I think it’s a good idea, but I would buy a monitor with the stand included anyway.
  • I think it’s a bad idea!

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The ports

Step 3.1 was all about ports. These are our findings:

The general consensus we have so far is that like VGA, a DVI port is too old-fashioned and not needed, while USB-C, HDMI, and DisplayPort are essential!

For USB Type-C it would be optimal to support all of the possible features, though the most important one is support for a DisplayPort signal.

@vithren had a very valid point about HDMI 2.1 as a future-proofing option, and we will investigate it with our suppliers.

The panel


After testing panels at our office and in China, reviewing your responses to Step 2.1, and evaluating suppliers, we think that panel #3 from LG is the best option available to us.


The chosen one

This is what we can tell you about its specs so far:


Why do we think that this is the best panel for us right now?

  • LG is a reliable supplier with high-quality standards, and will help us to minimize light leaks, dead pixels, and other potential issues.
  • Panel number 3 visually looks better than anything else we’ve seen in the market today.
  • 165Hz refresh rate makes a difference even in normal OS interactions.More about that in a bit! :slight_smile:
  • We think that with the state of technology today and cuirrent market prices, this panel offers the best bang for the buck!

Our sample

Our sample didn’t have any defects or even the slightest light bleed. Of course we know that consistency in mass production will be the determining factor for production quality, so we can’t draw conclusions just yet.

About colors - you know it when you see it

(sorry for the promo wallpaper :smiley: It’s hard to judge the depth of colors through a photo on a screen, but we’ll show off as much as we can)

We will take exact measurements for major color spaces when we’re at the factory with very precise equipment, but I have to say that there is just something about the way colors come to life on the LG panel that feels great :heart_eyes: It gave us a feeling similar to when we first got our hands on the Sharp panel for the V!

About 165Hz

It’s a complete game-changer for everything from Windows apps all the way to gaming. That’s it. Having seen high-refresh rates in action, we now feel that in 2019 you have to have a panel that supports at least 120Hz, even if you will never game. Your daily experience will be so much better. There is simply no going back after trying it out! :exploding_head:

What do you think?

So, how do you feel about the panel we’ve selected?

  • :+1: I like it!
  • :-1: I don’t like it!
  • Other, I will leave a comment!

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Sensitive equipment

After accidentally putting a bit too much voltage to one of the motherboards, we now have a cool gradient effect on half the screen :smiley: This is why we need an Oops! key!


So far it’s looking good just waiting to see more.:blush::star_struck:

How competitive will it be in terms of price and features against its competition?

This one was 280 USD :o

These look similar on paper, what will you offer consumers that reputed brands like Asus can’t offer?


It’s a very good point! We will start thread this week in community to find similar products and see what is our edge :smiley: So continue with the research it will be super useful!

This one is TN so it’s very different in terms of color comparing to IPS and won’t do for the pro work or pleasurable content consumption:)


Let me throw money at you already!


No built in speakers is the only thing I really want that didn’t make cut. If possible to add them in I would be happy. Not a deal breaker tho. Things look very good so far! Just waiting to see what the price tag is now.


I like where we ended up. Seems like a sensible choice, in general. : )


It seems like it’d be nice to make this optional, similar to the stand.


nice - will 27" be the only option? would love to see a 24" variant too. Oh, and, pls make the bezels as thin as possible! And don’t use colours… black/silver would be fine


I’ve never seen speakers as an add-on option for a monitor. I’m not sure how you would do that. I guess if the housing has a space for them it could work but the “grills” would probably need to be very subtle for aesthetic reasons on units that didn’t include speakers.

Like it so far, a bit disappointed about the HDR400 specs since its almost meaningless, HDR600 would be nice but maybe a bit more expensive, at least it has some local dimming. Will this monitor be available to European market or only US ?


I would also like to recommend that the Spectrum have a flat chassis (without back bulge) similar to the Dell Canvas 27":

You can see Dell has manufactured the internal display electronics into a clean unified profile, while having input ports (at the top) recessed to hide wire clutter.

Aside from better aesthetics, it also allows the greater ergonomic freedom combined with a VESA mount or even lying flat on the table, for creative/personal desk setups.

PS: Did you get an update on the feasibility of a metal-mesh touch layer option? Really looking forward to that possibility. :wink:

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A stand with included speakers could be a option.


A new release in computex2019

Um… YouTuber claimed this only cost usd300-350… attractive

Well it’s a VA 60hz panel so not too surprising but it seems to have 144hz variant too. Anyways It’s VA

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Ya but I would hate to have to loose the speakers if I went with a vesa mount. For me the whole point of using a Vesa mount would be to get more things off my desk. I guess something like this would be a good solution tho if it doesn’t add too much cable clutter.

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Also, is it possible to have a touchscreen option with Wacom support?
Inking on a 165Hz display would be amazing, and the color accuracy would help creative professionals too.

I’m no artist, but I was left dumbstruck when I used the new iPad Pro with its 120Hz display, gestures felt incredibly smooth and the pen input was impressive as well.


i read in a previous post the touch/pen input would add 200-300 usd at least to the monitor. So i’d guess no. If it were optional, and the current spectrum would retail at… let’s say 500 USD. Would you pay that 200-300 USD extra to enable touch?
if it were 100 USD i’d say it’s more reasonable.

I would, assuming it had good ergonomics (flat back, VESA mounting, matte finish).

Look at the price of other color-accurate, pen/touch displays (Cintiqs, Surface Studio, Lenovo A940), 700-800 USD is still very affordable—and none of those have high-refresh. :wink:


The lightest AG coating possible would be great and if it’s freesync, please make it have variable overdrive. Even if per Hz overdrive is not possible, it would be good if overdrive adjusted per Hz range (120 -144Hz, 100-120, 80-100, 60-80 etc.) to reduce overshoot/ghosting.

Also, I think the 16 local zones would be better than the 8 assuming it’s not unreasonably more expensive. IPS glow is mostly in the corners. 8 zones always reaches the mid point of the screen making dimming largely ineffective as there’s almost always some lighter content in the central screen area. 16 would allow for the targeting of IPS corner glow when displaying dark content while leaving the majority of the screen good.

Very excited about what your team is doing!