Spectrum: Now shipping to Europe

Got this email:
"We’ve been working to make the purchase and delivery process as seamless as possible for our customers, and are in the process of making our products available at your favorite retailers worldwide. In the meantime, we are excited to announce that, just as we’ve been shipping our 4K Spectrum in both its matte and glossy variants from stock in the United States, it is now available in Europe too with updated prices and free shipping!

Order today and make Spectrum the center of your work and gaming setup!"

So misleading before to think they ship to Europe when reading the website.

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Yes me, too. Hopefully they will send me now my two missing monitors for which I’m waiting just 2 1/2 years or so… But support is also ignoring me so I guess nothing will happen.


Still waiting on my glossy monitor, wonder why they are sending this email while having a huge backlog

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There’s a bit of background to this which I think will help.

When the first batch of Spectrum D03 (4K matte) were produced and shipped out, Eve used a shipping partner that were well-known for working with crowd-funded projects. The shipping costs were acceptable, but shipping times were super slow. Shipments to customers in Europe left Hong Kong in August 2021 but didn’t make it to the distribution centre in Lithuania until early December. It then took more than a week for the shipping partner to actually start processing the orders (which were already boxed and ready to go) and handing them over to regional courier companies.

The shipping partner’s performance was that bad that Eve/Dough decided to dump them and go with another company. That was more than a year ago.

The new (current) shipping partner was supposed to be quicker and more efficient. However, it took about 8 months for Dough to get US orders flowing, and now it’s been more like a year for European orders (which will hopefully start flowing soon). In the meantime, they’ve continued to sell Spectrums and take the money despite there being no solid idea of when shipping would resume.

I can only hope that this allows Dough to finally send out Spectrums to the remainder of people who have paid for them. With any luck they won’t repeat their past mistakes of sending the wrong things to the wrong people.