Spectrum Glossy In The News

Hey, everyone!

We recently announced we’ll be offering a glossy coating option to our 4K 144Hz and QHD 280Hz Spectrum models.

You can check out what the press has to say about it in the following links:



Thank you a million times for this. I hate what matte screens do to picture quality. I have been wishing for a glossy gaming monitor for sooo long. I can’t understand why monitor makers have refused to create glossy gaming monitors. Tons of people prefer glossy over matte and it’s ridiculous that it isn’t even an option. I can’t wait to get a glossy Eve Spectrum. Thanks again for deciding to make this a reality.


Hi @SaberEdge,

Welcome to the community!

It does make a huge difference, in terms of sharpness and colour reproduction.
Stay tuned for the official release which is coming soon :smiley:


Cant wait !!! As soon as you reveal it, I will order 2 !!!

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thanks for the awesome information.

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