Spectrum | Firmware 105 Early Access


Ohayō min’na! :wave:

I am Marvin, and this is my first topic for the Eve Community. Most of you have probably seen me making contributions on various topics on a casual and technical level. I joined Team Eve this month and have worked since as a Community Manager; this allows me to communicate meaningful posts back to the team and make sure the community’s voices are heard.

My initial responsibilities will be managing the firmware requests provided by the community, regular firmware reports to Team Eve and partners, as well as delivering firmware updates, with this being the first, so smooth sailing from here on out!

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

We have been working closely with our firmware team to fix the issues the community has been experiencing. As you can imagine, dealing with these queries takes some time, and the firmware team has been working hard to resolve/improve our product. We have been working on things such as shortening the sleep time of the Spectrum, implementing split-screen mode, adding additional resolutions to the EDID etc…

We’ve also been able to do some image retention testing, attempting to produce the issues ourselves, as well as bringing new requests/improvements to the firmware team to test and give us feedback on whether they can be added or not.

We know you’ve been anxiously awaiting a fix, and we’ve decided to make this available to the community by introducing version 105.

105 Preview

This is a preview in name only. This is the final release of 105, but as it is not up on our website yet, we are bringing it to you early, in a preview manner, here on the forums only.

What’s New

  • Increased brightness range by reducing minimum brightness from about 75 nits to around 35 nits
  • Improved compatibility for HDR and FreeSync on AMD graphics cards
  • Improved compatibility for HDR on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5
  • Added support for additional resolution/refresh rate combinations
    640 × 480 @ 75Hz
    1280 × 720 @ 100Hz
    1280 × 720 @ 120Hz
    1920 × 1080 @ 100Hz
    2560 × 1440 @ 60Hz
    1280 × 720 @ 144Hz
    1920 × 1080 @ 144Hz
    2560 × 1440 @ 144Hz
  • Resolved issue where color HDR signals were displayed in black and white
  • Resolved issue where display stream compression (DSC) caused the screen to flash black (‘blanking’) on AMD graphics cards up to and including 5000-series
    Increased resolution support for Pixel Perfect upscaling
  • To comply with regional regulations, a notification is displayed when settings are adjusted that can lead to higher power consumption. This will appear once when the following settings are changed for the first time:
    a) brightness is increased higher than default;
    b) backlight strobing is enabled; and
    c) USB hub is set to ‘always on’

If you experience any issues with 105, you can roll back by clicking here.

There are many things I would like to see on Spectrum, and it’s clear that our community is looking to improve it. We’ll do our best to continue refining the lineup by thoroughly looking at every firmware request, issue, and improvement. I’m excited to be part of Team Eve and help develop products our wonderful community is proud of.

Peace :v:


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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!


Technical question I have in case someone from Eve’s engineering department can answer this. Since you mentioned you guys are working on split screen mode I assume you guys are talking about a picture in picture mode where the display is split in the middle for 2 input sources correct? I have the following question

  1. Is it possible to support the max refresh of the monitor with PIP mode? For example having 2 input sources and displaying both at 280 hz for the QHD @ 280 hz model? Or is this a limit with the scaler? Most PIP modes on monitors I’ve bought limits the refresh down to 60 hz as opposed to the monitor’s max refresh.

Can confirm the HDR greyscale bug is resolved on two titles I play; Red Dead Redemption 2 and Death Stranding.

Black screen/flickering still persistent. Have not determined frequency as it has been less than an hour.


I have installed 105 on my spectrum, and can report two observations:

  1. FreeSync does not work anymore. With 104, there was a setting in OSD to enable VRR - and then Radeon Software allowed me to turn on FreeSync. I was able to see it in action with the FPS counter enabled also, and playing a game: The screen woiuld mostly show 60 fps, but sometimes drop down to around 40 on taxing scenes. Now with 105 I can not enable it anymore.

  2. 60Hz is still maximum refresh rate for 4k resolution in Windows 11 with Vega56 GPU. But the GPU can do more, e.g. with custom ModeLines in Linux we can get to 119.9Hz, and in Windows we can get to 100Hz with custom modes in Radeon Software. See here and there for a little background.

System is a

  • MSI Vega56
  • Ryzen 9 3950X
  • 32GB DDR4-2666

VRR is located under performance within OSD settings. In case you didn’t noticed. adaptive sync was in the previous firmware 104.

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i’m running Firmware 105 next to 104. just reporting my findings

  • HDR seems to be purple tinted as opposed to the 104 firmware.
  • When in HDR mode when my PC was restarted, and i got to my desktop, i found that the 105 firmware monitor started up dim, as compared to the 104 monitor. i powered the display off and back on to get it back to full brightness
  • The OSD has all brightness, contrast, colour temp ,ect, greyed out in HDR mode compared to the 104 firmware, which allows for most customization of picture settings. 105 firmware appears to only let me change sharpness.
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The only issues i had with greyscale was when watching a 4k UHD movie on my panasonic ub820-k. Glad to say the hdr greyscale bug fix, fixed my greyscale issue on my panasonic as well. Next thing I would like to see an improvement on is subtitles. Whenever subtitles comes up (panasonic ub820-k) the screen brightness increase which is annoying that the subtitles are causing over brightness within a certain that the subtitles are located. when the subtitles are done displaying the overbrightness returns to normal @nkyadav @MarvyMarvz can this be looked into in case another firmware can help with this issue or Panasonic themselves needs to take a look. Thanks
Edit. Found out the overbrightness in subtitles (HDR mode) is a known issue. turning down subtitle luminance helped solve the overbrightness.


That’s odd, on 104 I only can only change sharpness with HDR enabled on either of my monitors (2080 super via Display Port if that makes a difference, not tried 105 yet).


hmmm. that’s odd, maybe my firmware installed incorrectly. i haven’t had backlight dimming since i installed 104 either. 105 not giving me backlight dimming as well. the stock 102 firmware had backlight dimming.

also i’m on displayport as well


I can confirm that this behavior of inability to change anything but sharpness was present in 104 as well whenever HDR was enabled. I’m not sure how you had it on yours, unless your flash to 104 itself was not properly completed. But, IIRC, even 102 blocked access to anything maintained by HDR, also.

I’ll have to see if I can get some time to revert all the way back and see what gets blocked on HDR.


Idk. If so then neither of my displays updated correctly both behaved identically on 104. And HDR looks different to SDR when turned on. But the 105 firmware looks purple tinted. I believe both displays on 104 had the same options available in HDR but I cannot confirm because I actually don’t use the HDR modes due to the massive colour differences. I know back-light dimming no longer works, even on 105 for me. Its greyed out and I get a consistent back-light all the time

Did you try forcing both to Load factory defaults and see if that clears up maybe some configuration idiosyncrasies that might have been pulled over from a previous flash?

OSD → Presets → Load factory defaults

This is not supposed to wipe anything in your user presets, only reset the other OSD settings back to default.

I’ve also got 105 flashed on my side, but I haven’t seen a purple tint at all with HDR on (although I only tried it for like 5 minutes, as HDR enabled forces my rr to 60 Hz, and I prefer SDR and 120 Hz for most modern games, especially racing games…

I’ll try that when I get back to my desk.

I can take a photo of the purple tint. It looks completely off next to the monitor on 104

Also yeah I’m running at 120hz now. I had an issue on 104 that caused my main display to black out at random after a few days I backed off the refresh rate to 120.i don’t really notice a difference so I don’t care about the extra 24hz

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Yes, same here. With 104 and HDR enabled, I can only adjust sharpness. Hence, I have disabled HDR for the moment. Yet to upgrade to 105. Will post an update post upgrade.

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Great, thanks guys!
Updated before, I did have to power cycle again during the update where it seemed to get stuck, was fine after that.
Can confirm the black and white HDR issue is fixed for me, so that’s one major issue fixed!
I’ll keep an eye on screen blanking. I have noticed on 104 at least it appears dependent on the game. It is exceedingly rare to see it in Destiny 2 but noticed in AC Valhalla it can happen very regularly.

Not sure if I never noticed but always on USB Hub seems interesting. Hoping that will fix the speakers not outputting sound after screen blanks sometimes or when just changing input.

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no more black and white for me as well. mine was mainly watching 4k movies on my panasonic. i noticed that the switching inputs from hdmi 1 to 2 via OSD has improved. For me at least.

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I bounced in and out of HDR content multiple times now since updating to 105 and have not experienced the grey scale issue a single time.

Mainly tested via an Apple Tv 4k because it was my most problematic device with how it can switch modes to match content. Even the color calibration mode worked (on previous firmwares the moment I put my phone to the screen for calibration, it would switch modes and lose color) .

Windows 10 / NV 3080 has also been happy from the little I’ve tested going in/out hdr. I’m likely cursing myself by saying this, but I’ve yet to experience the adaptive sync/vrr blanking bug. But I’ve only had a few hours of gaming time in so far.

My only actual bug right now is the monitor is not going to sleep. When I turn my computer off the monitor keeps flashing ‘no signal’ but never enters sleep. If I manually change from HDMI 1 to HDMI2 (nothing plugged in here) it flashes no signal and then quickly enters sleep.

So far so good!

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Here’s the difference between the 104 and 105 firmware. not the best picture but it shows the difference in colours. i don’t remember this being off when both were in the 104 firmware.

the one of the left is on firmware 104

the one on the right is now on 105.

in SDR mode both look fine, but when HDR is on, i notice mostly a contrast change on the 104 monitor. on the 105 monitor i notice the contrast change as well as the colour shifting slightly towards a more purple blue colour.

also yes, resetting the OSD fixed the options being available when they shouldn’t be.

i’m not sure which of the 2 seem to be correct, actually the one on the right has better white representation then the left. only slightly. it also looks brighter.

also would be interested in knowing if backlight dimming is currently disable at the moment, as again it’s not been available for me since i updated both screens to 104


Can anyone comment on whether or not the issue where Spectrum would sporadically fail to recognize an input source was solved with 105? Dying for this to be fixed.