Spectrum | Final Balance Payment Instructions


Hi guys,

It’s time. With Spectrum just a few short weeks away from shipping, today we officially open our balance payment collection. This is going to be a long but valuable read as it will give you all the necessary information you need to know before you whip out your wallet to pay for your Spectrum. Let’s dig in!

The communication to date

We started the communication about balance payment collection well ahead of time – to ensure that you have the possibility to gather your funds as well as to properly address any outstanding questions you might still have before you enter the flow and complete the payment. Within the community, we followed a three-step communication:

Post 1: Preliminary information
Post 2: In-depth FAQ
Post 3: Final process (a.k.a. Your Holy Grail for balance payments) <<< you are here

To reduce the chance of customers missing out on any important information, we’re providing you with all the relevant updates via our client-only newsletter, in addition to these community updates.

One process for all

Before we dive into the specifics, we’ll remind you that our Spectrum models are currently in different stages. Eve Spectrum ES07D03, capable of 4K at 144Hz, is entering production now, while Spectrum ES07D02, capable of QHD at 240Hz, is still in development. As our manufacturer has focused on the production of the Spectrum 4K monitor, we start collecting the balance payments for this model first. Nonetheless, the overall payment process we share will remain the same for all models and is relevant to all Spectrum customers.

Final price for 4K

The final pre-order price for our 4K model just got locked at $799 without the stand. As an early backer of our project, you get to enjoy Spectrum at the preferential price you ordered at. That basically means that depending on when you placed your order, you saved anywhere between $90 and $240!

Your Spectrum being assembled

All pre-order customers have reserved their Spectrum with a $100 down payment. Now that Spectrum is getting closer to mass production, we need to order your Spectrum to be made by our manufacturing partner. For that, we require you to complete the outstanding amount of your order. Once you complete the payment and later receive the shipping note, your Spectrum payment will no longer be refundable as by that time, we will have used it to assemble and ship your monitor. If you change your mind after you’ve paid for your Spectrum in full and have received your shipping notice, you’ll have to follow our official return policy.

First come, first serve

To make it fair and transparent to all, we will follow a “first come, first serve” principle for shipping Spectrum. We’ll reach out to the full base in chronological order, giving the earlier backers the opportunity to fulfill their payment first. After we’ve informed the whole pre-order base and have given you the chance to pay, we’ll prioritize shipping the units that were paid for first. You’ll still have the option to wait for third-party reviews before paying; this, however, would mean that you’ll get your Spectrum later than people who have completed the full payment before you.

Prompt to pay

Once we’re ready to process your payment, we’ll send you a personal prompt-to-pay invitation to the email you originally placed your order with. The link within the invitation will give you access to the dedicated balance payment flow. From there on, you’ll be able to review your order and check out your Spectrum at the preferential price point you reserved it at.

IMPORTANT! Keep your link safe. Please don’t share your personal link with others as it’s tied to your specific order and the payment can be fulfilled only once (afterwards your link will expire). If someone else checks out with your link, you’ll lose your order and respectively the $100 down payment.

Due to the high demand and production output, we’re processing your orders and balance payments in batches. That means that not everyone will get their link tonight but you will receive it in a few days. To avoid unnecessary delays, we recommend readying the funds ahead of the scheduled shipping date and responding to our prompt-to-pay invitation as soon as you can. There is no need to stress - we’ll leave enough time in-between the steps of the process for you to act.

Round off your Spectrum experience

Within the checkout flow, we offer you a range of premium accessories you can customize your order with (including cables, skins and other community-requested items). Keep in mind that cables are not included by default in the Spectrum box. However, you will be able to select from our high-quality, high-performance cables. Fun fact: by popular demand we developed custom neon red cables, which give your Spectrum that extra pop.

All items featured in the flow are exclusively reserved for Spectrum pre-order customers and come at a special, discounted price. Later they will be featured on our Eve shop at their usual (still fair but inevitably higher) price point.


Shipping depends on the model of your order. Our Spectrum 4K 144Hz monitor is starting to ship and pre-orders are processed in different batches. The first pre-order batch of 4K is estimated to ship on June 29th, 2021. If you order after a shipping batch has been closed, your monitor will be planned to ship at the next available shipping slot.

All up-to-date shipping dates can be found on Spectrum’s order page. Currently, we’re looking at the following schedule:

Spectrum 4K 144Hz is estimated to start shipping on June 29th, 2021
Spectrum QHD 240Hz is estimated to start shipping on July 9th, 2021;
Spectrum QHD 144Hz is estimated to start shipping at end of Q3, 2021.

There are two shipping methods we can offer you: 1) standard; and 2) express. The standard shipping takes 18-35 calendar days based on your region. Spectrum is first shipped by sea to local warehouses in the US, EU, Australia, Canada, and from there on sent by courier for the last mile delivery. For the European Union, Norway, Switzerland, UK, US, Canada, and Australia, taxes and duties are included in the price and/or in the shipping fee. For the rest of the world, taxes and duties might be applied at the country customs. The express shipping takes 3-7 calendar days based on the destination, and your Spectrum will be delivered by air directly from Hong Kong to your address, with duties and taxes paid for.

When it comes to shipping, the main challenge our team has faced was locking the final prices. The COVID-19 crisis has heavily impacted the global logistics landscape; because of that, the shipping cost is extremely volatile and often significantly higher compared to before the pandemic. We are continuously doing our best to secure the best shipping cost for you.

The shipping cost depends on the shipping method you choose – standard shipping is more affordable; express is naturally pricier. Though we try to provide everyone with the best possible price, the final shipping fee is heavily dependent on the country of destination and may be subject to change over time. Because of this, we will give price range estimates only here.

Prices for standard shipping range from 29 to 60 USD/EUR, depending on the destination country. Examples of standard shipping fees for some popular regions are: 35 USD for the US, 39 EUR for Europe, and 45 EUR for the UK.

Prices for express shipping range from 100 to 270 USD/EUR, depending on the destination country. Examples of express shipping fees for some popular regions are: 179 USD for the US (via DHL Express), 169 EUR for Europe (via UPS Express), and 184 EUR for the UK (via UPS Express).

Multiple Spectrums at once will cost more to ship than a single unit, but in most cases not as much as ordering each of them individually.

We try to provide everyone with the best possible price, but as the final shipping fee will depend on the products ordered and the country of destination it is best to check the shipping costs as they apply to your specific order at checkout.

You can fill in your shipping address during checkout. If your situation changes before Spectrum ships, please contact our customer support team.

Payment info

Currently, we support credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) as well as Apple Pay. You can (but don’t have to) use the same payment method you used when you placed your reservation. We have taken note of your requests to add more payment methods like PayPal or Klarna. While we’re working on securing more options for your convenience, we won’t be able to offer more payment methods until after Spectrum starts shipping.

The currency used to process your final balance payment will either be Euros or US Dollars, based on your region. It is not possible to make changes to this on a per-order basis.

Orders from the European Union, Norway, Switzerland, and the UK, will be processed in Euros.

Orders from the rest of the world will be processed in US Dollars.

Taxes and duties such as value-added tax (VAT) or import fees vary per region. At this time, we have arranged taxes and duties to be included for customers from within the European Union, Norway, Switzerland, UK, US, Canada, and Australia. Please refer to the checkout to see whether taxes and duties are included for your specific region.

Our web store is focused on fulfilling consumer orders and due to our current global shipping setup, the buyer cannot claim the VAT back. For large-scale business purchases, please contact our business team who will be able to provide you with the most up-to-date information. We are also working with distributors worldwide to get Spectrum on store shelves, which will enable you to purchase Spectrum from a local store with all the tax documents you require.

We do not offer the possibility to pay in installments. However, we understand that you may need some time to collect your funds, so to make sure that you can prepare we’ve started the communication about our process in advance. We recommend readying the funds ahead of the scheduled shipping date.

A special note to Eve V Hyper-Early Birds: as one of the early supporters of Eve, you will be able to use promo code LIFETIME5 at checkout to apply your 5% lifetime discount. This works for all products sold within our web shop, including Spectrum. Eligibility is tied to the e-mail address you used for your original V order, so be sure to use that when creating your store account. If your code does not work, please contact our customer support team for assistance.

Modifying your Spectrum order

The balance payment flow we introduce will be sent to customers who have an active (open) Spectrum 4K pre-order. The goal of this process is to let customers finalize their existing order by completing the remainder of their payment. During the checkout, you will be given the opportunity to add a stand or relevant accessories, but you will not be able to directly add another monitor within that same flow.

If you want to change your order to a different model, that is possible but requires manual work from our customer support team. Please contact them about your order, and they will walk you through the available options.

Our payment process does not allow to directly add another Spectrum to your order. However, if you want to get an additional monitor, you can contact our customer support team before you receive your payment invitation link. Due to our pre-order policy, ‘the earlier you order, the better your price is’, you cannot add additional monitors at your original order price (though that price will still apply to your original order) as this would be unfair to customers who have pre-ordered and secured their Spectrum price earlier. Any Spectrums added later will sell for the current price listed on our web store.

For customers who have separate orders for 4K and 240Hz, it is possible to merge them into a single order, but it requires manual work from our customer support team. Please contact them and they will walk you through the available options. Keep in mind that a combined order will not be able to ship out to you until all products are in stock, meaning your 4K monitor will not ship until the 240Hz units do.

Third-party reviews

We want the press reviews to give you an honest look at what Spectrum customers will receive. To that end, we will send final, finished units out to reviewers, from the same production line that your monitors are shipped from. Reviewers will require time to test the product and create their content (a process that can take up to multiple weeks depending on the reviewer), and as such, the final reviews will not be published before you are first prompted to complete your payment. We’ll give you a chance to share which reviewers you’d like to test Spectrum shortly.

You will have the option to wait for reviews before making your final decision and you will not lose your reservation or locked-in price; however, we will prioritize shipping Spectrum to customers who have completed their payment first.

If you’re interested in independent reviews, make sure to check out what our community prototype testers have to say about Spectrum. They have already received their prototypes (not the final units) and have started to share their first impressions and feedback within the community.

Return & warranty policy

We have updated the the terms and conditions for our website and store, including the return policy. Of course, as any local consumer law will add to our company policy, your exact rights may vary by region.

Warranty service may differ based on your region. As such, we cannot state in advance where your warranty case will be handled. In case of warranty issues, the first step is always to contact our customer support team – they will be able to inform you of the options available based on your specific case.

Even though our warranty policy allows for a small number of dark sub-pixels per monitor, each monitor is individually inspected with the aim of shipping only defect-free monitors. Because of this, it is highly unlikely that you will receive a unit with pixel defects of any kind.

Currently, we are focused on shipping complete monitors. After this, we will look into options for providing individual parts for sale or warranty repairs.

The warranty is tied to the monitor, not to the customer, which makes it transferrable in the instance of second-hand purchase. The new owner will still need to provide the original proof of purchase, as the limited warranty period does not reset if a customer resells Spectrum.

At the moment, we do not offer extended warranty plans, but we are still looking into the possibilities.

Shipping fees for warranty claims vary per region and can change over time. Our customer support team will inform customers about the options available for their specific warranty cases.

Any more questions?

Spectrum shipping is just around the corner and our small but powerful team is working hard to make it all happen! We hope that we managed to prepare you for the balance payment collection as best as we can. Please let us know if you have any outstanding questions and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.



Thanks @Chili_P. I would like to imagine this will clear up any questions any one may have!
Very exciting times!


Not sure if I missed it somewhere on the text but when should we expect the prompt to pay?


I believe they said starting May 20th (Today), they will be sending the emails out chronologically starting with the people who preordered first


From what I understand, only a small batch of emails will go out first, as the prompt to pay will be sent in the order the reservations were placed. This means that it could take some time before they receive it.


Makes sense, I just can’t wait hahaha


I ordered the 4k and am super excited to use that as my main monitor. After using it and if I decide I want another monitor can I still pre order the Spectrum QHD 144Hz later after I review the 4k for myself?
I’d rather not double down now since it is still risky, but I would eventually like to get dual monitors.
Any suggestions to this?
The other monitor would just be for code and such so no need for 4k. Unless someone advises against having two monitors with diff resolutions.


Is there a delay between each email sent? Are they being sent out in batches with a delay between each batch? Or will we all effectively get an email sometime today, with the emails really just being a few minutes apart as its just some kind of giant python for loop?


Bit sad by this update.

Just to make sure I understand this correctly, the VERY earliest you will be shipping out the first 4K model is end of june - It will then take up to 35 business days (2 months) for it to arrive? So at the earliest I will be seeing my monitor 3 months from now?

Also, do you have plans to fill up your “local warehouses” as you call them? This would offer cheaper and faster shipping options down the line i suppose


It is calendar days, not business days.


This information was part of previous updates too, so this isn’t the first time they’ve brought up the time it takes for shipping overseas due to covid.


They also mentioned that it could be adjusted, which is why im bringing it up now :slight_smile:


We’ll reach out to you with your payment link as soon as we’re ready to process your order and book your production spot. We’ve starting to reach out to the full base in chronological order, giving the earliest backers the chance to pay first. Due to the high demand and production output, we’re processing your orders in batches. That means that not everyone will get their link tonight but you will receive it in up to a few days.


i want to pay for express shipping but i don’t think it is worth that much of a price difference.


So basically there aren’t enough for all the preorders so the later you ordered, the longer you’ll wait for your email.


Will keep eyes peeled for the payment email!


I am so excited to get this monitor!


So how do i know what price range I get it at.


Should be based on what was shown when you preordered.


You should be able to check it out in your original order confirmation email, or by logging in to your store account and checking your order. You’ll also be able to see the price while going through the checkout flow for finalizing the payment.