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Greetings Eve Community,
Spectrum is shipping, reviews have started rolling in, and with more reviews to come, this is all very exciting!
Overall, the reviews have show-cased Spectrum beautifully, but don’t take my word for it. Check out the reviews for yourself below:

Randomfrankp | The King of 4k Gaming Monitors - Eve Spectrum Review

Optimum Tech | The Best 4k Gaming Monitor? Eve Spectrum Review

Optimum tech also featured Spectrum in his ultra clean gaming setup video.

9to5MAC | Eve Spectrum 4K/144Hz Review - A Great Gaming Monitor with a HUGE Asterisk

Mark’s Tech | Eve Spectrum 4K 144hz First Look

BigDongDong | Eve Spectrum Review

Wulff Den | You’re going to want a NEXT-GEN Gaming Monitor for your console setup

MacRumors | Eve Spectrum 4K HDMI 2.1 Gaming Monitor: Worth the Wait?

KitGuruTech | Eve Spectrum 4K, 144hz Review (ES07D03)

DigitalTrends | Eve Spectrum 4K Review: It Exists, and It’s Mighty Good

Kotaku | The EVE Spectrum 4K/144Hz HDMI 2.1 Monitor Is A Real Game Changer

TechRadar | Eve Spectrum 4k 144hz (ES07D03) Monitor Review

PC Gamer | Eve Spectrum 4k Gaming Monitor ES07D03

TweakTown | Eve Spectrum 4K Gaming Monitor Review : HDMI 2.1 + 4K 144Hz

Techtesters | Eve Spectrum - The 4K 144Hz Gaming Monitor That Rocks

Eurogamer | Eve Spectrum review: the best HDMI 2.1 gaming monitor?

Of course, as new reviews become available, we will continue to update this topic for your convenience. Stay tuned! If you come across any new coverage for Spectrum be sure to let us know.



Any News for 240hz Version?

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You must have missed the news that there were supply issues with the 240Hz panel, and that production and shipping have been pushed back to October.


I’ve not missed that :wink:

Good review by DigitalTrends, one of my favorite sites for tech news and reviews. See it here:

Digital Trends: Eve Spectrum 4K Review: It Exists, and It’s Mighty Good.

Excellent review by big tech review site TechRadar! View it here:


Another Eve Spectrum Review.

The first comment makes me laugh but it’s so true :joy::man_shrugging:t5:

BigDongDong | Eve Spectrum Review

『300』 EVE Spectrum 4K 144Hz 电竞显示器丨等了整整一年的显示器丨 - YouTube

Use closed Caption CC to understand what he is saying.

Wulff Den | You’re going to want a NEXT-GEN Gaming Monitor for your console setup


Fantastic Spectrum review by MacRumors:

MacRumors: Eve Spectrum 4K HDMI 2.1 Gaming Monitor: Worth the Wait?.


PC Gamer threw one up on Friday.


Review collection updated to add:

TweakTown | Eve Spectrum 4K Gaming Monitor Review : HDMI 2.1 + 4K 144Hz


Type-C Tech Reviews


Just one important question:

Did you send one out to Linus again now that it’s ready?

I really want to see a follow up video from him.

(and by Linus I mean Linus Tech Tips / LTT, in case it wasn’t obvious or there are other tech channels with a Linus)

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Hey @Reigys,

Yeah, we’ve sent Spectrum to Linus, but he’s not created/published the review as of yet.

On the WAN Show, Linus confirmed they have the Spectrum. But they did a community poll to see if they should do it or not. 90% said yes, but I have no idea if they will get around to it or not. I really wish they wouldn’t sleep on this monitor as it is awesome like a lit of other reviewers have said. I guess it’s up to them whether they want to review it or not, but I’d be disappointed if I saw it just sitting on shelf, unopened.

Thanks for that info then.
Just gonna hope they release a review soonish then.
Taking your word for it since my trying to look through the many wan show videos didnt yield any source for when he said that, haha.

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Here’s a link to the video:

Funny, that was exactly one month ago.

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They talked about how even 10-20% of viewers who react negatively to a video can cause some serious blowback on them. I am wondering if they decided it is not worth the chance that people would react badly to it like the first video they did. Same for Hardware Unboxed as I still have not seen a video from them and know that they were contact by Eve awhile ago to get an early unit to review. I am wondering if they also decided it is not worth the trouble. Tim posted on reddit back when they were first contacted by Eve and most of the people on the thread were bashing Eve and saying they are a scam company and not to give them any PR. I thought at the end Tim was saying they may order a monitor as a normal person and not get a review unit from Eve to avoid any golden samples. Maybe they are waiting on their order to be delivered with standard delivery or maybe they will avoid reviewing it at all.


I don’t think Linus is going to review the Spectrum and if I was him I would do the same, it’s just risky. There is a serious possibility that thousands of people will buy the Spectrum because of that review and if things will be handled like they are doing now it’s going to backfire on him a lot.
Not worth the risk imo, also Eve doesn’t deserve as of now that much visibility for 2 reasons:

  1. How they treat customers.
  2. They could receive too many orders that will worsen this already bad situation.

I really like this reviewer and they did a great job showcasing the features and uniqueness of Spectrum.