Spectrum ES07D03 | Firmware Update Version 107

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Yeah, I agree. This can prevent confusion in the long run.

Fired up Warzone 2 on PS5 last night and got this for the first time.
Half screen blank. Going into OSD and toggling split screen on then off made the PS5 and monitor reset and come back normal. If it happens again I will try toggling the VRR option.

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Hello, another issue i have is the monitor will not pick any signal from my amazon firestick. Can this be looked into please.

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I’ve been using 4k+120Hz for a month with no screen blanking.

That means the problem will only occur in 144Hz mode.

  • Mac Studio
  • Thunderbolt 3 cable
  • ES07D03

Is there any ETA on when we should expect the next firmware update? I see the 107-t117 beta started back in september, so it would be good to know if we should ever expect another update for this monitor to address blanking or other issues.

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Is there any way to turn off Perfect Pixel scaling for the 4K monitor in 1440p resolutions? It works great for 1080p but when I downscale the resolution to 1440p, it kicks in and the picture looks really bad.

There is no pixel perfect scaling with a 1440p input signal. Pixel perfect only works for certain resolutions, where the input width and height can be multiplied by some scale factor N (a whole number where N >= 2) and the entire picture still fits on screen. Black borders may get added if the scaled picture doesn’t take up the full width/height.

As there’s no scale factor that works for a 1440p input, the picture will simply get stretched to fill the screen width/height. That’s why the picture looks kinda bad - many of the pixels on screen are showing values from multiple input pixels. No LCD or OLED panel is going to do a fantastic job in this situation.

Oh, no there definitely was Perfect Pixel Scaling in the 1440P signal that went through. I know this since occasionally, it would Perfect Pixel Scaling would occasionally not function and the image would be so much better. Whenever it was on, the image looked so much worse than 1080p, even without Perfect Pixel Scaling enabled. I tried disabling it manually as well by changing the aspect ratio, but it made the image worse for 1080p signals as well.

The only way to do pixel perfect scaling with a 1440p image is to show the image in the middle of the screen with big black borders. There is no scale factor that allows the image to fill the screen.

If the 1440p image is being shown fullscreen with no black borders, it means that the image is being interpolated. There is quite literally nothing else that could be happening. It’s possible that the pixel perfect setting is somehow changing how interpolation works, but it’s not supposed to have any impact except on supported resolutions.

And we know that it’s only certain resolutions that are impacted, because custom resolutions that could be scaled are not scaled as expected.

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