Spectrum doesnt show laptop


I have connected my laptop to the spectrum but no picture is showing, computer is showing that it is connected and name of the monitor but just all black. PS5 working fine with the same cable…

Does someone have any idea?

Hi there!

Sorry that you are facing this issue. Which connection are you using?

Try a different cable. I had that issue with a docking station and it turned out to be my cable that connected to my Mac. Not all USB c cables are the same.


Im using the same cable for my PS5 as to my computer. HDMI connection.

But im using HDMI, and its not working to my computer but the same cable works for PS5

Hi there,

Has this been the case always for you since you first got it, or did it just happen out of the blue?

We need to know exactly the history; for example, maybe there is a setting that got changed somewhere which caused this problem.

For the HDMI connection, I suggest to try using different cable. I am not concluding anything yet, but I am trying to figure out exactly the source of the problem.


Computer never worked. Really wierd, i can try another cable but why would it work when the same cable works for the PS5?

Hey there,

Maybe it has something to do with the setting in your laptop.

Make sure the display is set to duplicate/extend (depending on your need) or set the primary display to the Spectrum. Since the computer correctly detects the monitor, it is just a matter of setting the video output destination.

I assume you use Windows computer? Check this out.

Because laptops may not have hdmi 2.1 . It depends on your laptop also. Can you specify the model you have? PS5 has HDMI 2.1 therefore a different level.
Also sometimes the laptop can’t handle 4K resolution output, as a result the screen remains blank. Try bringing down your resolution. My office laptop did that with me and it turned out that I could see the screen on my laptop but not on the monitor. It turned out that my laptop could not output 4K and had to bring down the resolution to 1080p and frame rate to 60hz. 1080p at 60hz was what suited my office laptop but every laptop has a certain level of resolution it can support

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I have a ASUS G752VY, should i change the settings on the spectrum? Or the computer? Isnt these kind of settings auto?

Spectrum says no signal, but computer shows connected…


And it doesnt matter if im changing resolution.

That means your cable is not suitable enough for power and display to work together

But im using same cable for the ps5 and its working?

Laptops and ps5 have different interfaces. A cable may work for ps5 may not work with your laptops ability to process the same level of signal. Try a different cable and see if it works. I suggest using one that works on the laptop first on another monitor

Have you tried changing the HDMI to compatibility mode on the monitor’s OSD?