Spectrum does not get very bright + HDR issue

Hey everybody,
I received my two Spectrums yesterday. They looks absolutely awesome in person. Much better than I thought!

Nevertheless when I connected them to my M1 Mac Mini I had to notice that they are not very bright.

They’re factory set to 50% brightness which is clearly not enough at all in daylight. Even when pushing this value to 100% it barely reaches a brightness level that’s suitable for working in daylight….

I hope I’m doing something wrong…

In addition HDR seems odd…
When I push them to 100% brightness and than turn on HDR they go back to extremely low brightness! It’s honestly way to low to do relaxing work without straining your eyes.
That can’t be it right?!

Am I doing something wrong? Is it a MacOS problem?!

Also the monitor is doing noticeable noises when HDR is turned on… That’s very bad! Especially if you’re working video and audio editing and you want to record something.
It’s a clearly noticeable, constant high pitch whine.

Please tell me that I’m doing something wrong because that is not what I was expecting…

Thanks you all!

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I personally found my Spectrum to be more than bright enough for working with sunlight hitting it directly, but if you say yours isn’t bright enough it’s to tell if it’s a defect on your unit or if it’s actually running as bright as it should.

I’m not completely sure, but I believe HDR needs to set an overall lower brightness so it can have a much wider range to really make bright spots look much brighter than the rest of the image.

I personally think im having the same issue. My monitor doesnt get that bright when HDR is on. I made a post about it. I was using a Acer XB3 and it gets alot brighter. This unit has a HDR600 and the acer is HDR400

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It may be a macOS issue, or maybe an issue with the panel, IIRC HDR looks crap on my downstairs Hackintosh with HDR on connected to the same LG Panel (950B) so I keep it off.

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As for the brightness, it feels adequate to me.
The fact that the brightness cannot be adjusted when HDR is on is a specification.
There is a noticeable noise (coil squeal) coming from the back of the display when HDR is on, which is something I have been complaining about since the beginning.
A lot of people have pointed out this coil squeal, and I suspect it occurs on all Spectrums, but some people don’t seem to notice it, so the loudness of the sound may vary from individual to individual.
Of course, I have informed support, but this is a hardware problem and may be difficult to fix with firmware.

Hey Doppel,

I can confirm that the “coil squeal” issue has been addressed in our latest firmware update that is currently entering the final stages of testing (103). This update will be released soon!


Any ETA on the firmware drop, or if it will include the option to turn off DSC? I emailed support many times it’s been a long time since they’ve even responded.

Hope you will release a mac software to put v103 on the spectrum , please!

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