Spectrum desktop "split" when coming out of sleep

I saw examples of this early on when folks started receiving their monitors. When it comes out of sleep, the image of the Windows desktop is kind of split in two. Turning the monitor off and on seems to fix the issue, but it’s happening nonetheless. Monitor is connected to an RTX 3080 via 48gbps certified HDMI cable. Anything I need to ensure I’m doing in any settings?


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this happens occasionally to me as well, just on Radeon 6800xt. I belive it is a driver timeout issues, powercycle of the display/ pc restart fixes it

I have the same “issue” with a gtx 1050i.
It’s not bad though, recovers after a few seconds.

Yeah, it only happened a couple times at first. I haven’t seen it happen since. Hopefully it’s a rare occurrence. Thanks!

You might want to try another cable. I understand that you’ve said it is certified but that’s the easiest thing to replace in the mix.

It’s very rare. The last time it happened was during a clean Nvidia driver install. Cycling power fixed it.

Yup, saw this yesterday for the first time. 3080 with a certified HDMI 2.1 cable.

Perhaps we list which cables folks are using? I see everyone saying ‘certified’ but do you really know if it’s got the docs behind it?

Good point, I’m using this one which doesn’t appear to be certified after all.

Sadly Monoprice came up at nearly the bottom of the list in other tests as well per LTT. I’m not saying it’s bunk but it’s not going to meet all of the other standards for certification I guess.

I’m using this cable:

Not to make light of it but… this certification logo is SUPER SUS…


BCDFG123456? Really? This is the SAMPLE HDMI.org logo for certification. It’s like they didn’t even try.

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lol damn didn’t even notice that. Yesterday, my screen went blank mid bf 2042 … I may try a cable from a more know brand and see if it helps.


Ok it does have a unique code. That’s another one I hadn’t opened.

Any issues with the new cable? I too ordered a certified cable from Monoprice to try, after learning my original cable isn’t certified.

Update - installed the new certified Monoprice cable and the flickering persists. It will sometimes go away if I turn the monitor off then on again.