Spectrum | Crosshair & Frame Rate Counter Color


Hey community,

Many of you have expressed the need for more color presets for the crosshair and frame rate counter (FRC). Now that we’ve had a thorough discussion with our firmware team regarding how color presets work in our OSD, we confirm that the number of presets is tied with our OSD’s sixteen-color palette. As crosshair and FRC are part of the OSD, any colors included in the palette can be set up as a preset, and we can define each color slot based on our users’ needs. However, this means that it is not feasible to offer in-OSD user customization based on RGB color codes or a gradient slider on our current monitor scaler.

Our question to you is then, what are the color presets you’d like to see added to Spectrum’s crosshair and FRC? To help us understand precisely what you want, please:

  • List the name of the color you suggest. E.g., Coral Red (or Red)
  • If you have an exact RGB or hex color code in mind, it will be helpful to have it listed alongside the color. E.g., Eve red 255, 74, 59 (or Eve red #FF4A3B)
  • If you have multiple suggestions, prioritize them from the most important to the least important.

We’d love to tweak the existing palette based on your voice!



I’m not using the crosshair, but I have the tendency to use a FPS-Counter nearly every time, so I would like at least one option which isn’t flashy.
I quite like the way the steam FPS-Counter works, so this would be quite nice to have on the Monitor itself.

Color: Something light-gray, maybe something along the lines of: 192 192 192
Size: Small, so it can fit in the top corners without blocking too much. Maybe font-size 12 to 14.


It might make sense to use some of the main RGB primary colours:

  • red: 255, 0, 0
  • yellow: 255, 255, 0
  • green: 0, 255, 0
  • cyan: 0, 255, 255
  • blue: 0, 0, 255
  • magenta: 255, 0, 255

They’re all very bright colours and are hard to miss on screen. They’re also fairly common in legacy colour palettes (e.g. the Windows 16 colour palette).

You’d also want to include probably the main shades of grey, some of which appear to be used as part of the current OSD menus:

  • white: 255, 255, 255
  • 75%: 192, 192, 192
  • 50%: 128, 128, 128
  • 25%: 64, 64, 64
  • black: 0, 0, 0

That’s 11 of the 16 colour spots used, leaving 5 for any special colours you want to use inside the OSD menus.

Something else that might help with crosshair and FPS counter visibility is outlines. If you put a 1-2 pixel wide outline on the crosshair and FPS counter digits, it’ll help them remain visible in more situations.

For example, a plain white crosshair is difficult to spot on a light area, e.g. a wall or desert sands. A white dot with a thin black border would be much more visible.


Hi, I know this isn’t colour but is there some kind of way to reduce the brightness of the FPS/crosshair? Or is that entirely dependant on display brightness?

When I have the FPS counter on the whole area on that portion of the screen goes very bright and it kind of affects the image quality of the monitor while it’s active. Is it the dimming zones or backlight, something like that?

Anyway just thought I’d share that.



also apparently “A post must be at least [missing {{min}} value] characters.” not sure what that value is though. LOL


In the next firmware update are we going to get anything for the HDR compatibility for Xbox series X?


An option for transparency or would be interesting, where a shift in display brightness for the numbers/crosshair might make the end result less distracting.


Hey @David_C,
Could you please elaborate on the issues you are experiencing. We have provided updates which addresses HDR issues with XBSX. Any information you can provide will help diagnose your issue etc.


Green because of all the colors on the visible light spectrum, green is the first and easiest color for our eyes to pick up thus the crosshair, at least, I would prefer to be Green anywhere in the box as shown below. Not too light/bright or too dark.

Bright to dark: #00FF00/ 0-255-0 → #82FF00/ 0-175-0
Shade: #64FF00/ 100-255-0 → #00FF64/ 0-255-100 → #00AF64/ 0-175-100 → #64AF00/ 100-175-0


I think the standard bright/neon green is a great option: 0, 255, 64
Maybe an orange of some sort: 255, 90, 0


Hello there. Maybe not a static color. Maybe a color invert to what the image has on those pixels. Maybe that way it can be very visible. Not sure if that is even a possibility.


Like one in Minecraft. I have another idea, very similar to yours. We choose the color of the crosshair ourselves from these and the border of the crosshair, i.e. a few pixels, would be the inverted color like in MC. We have the color we want, for example red and we hover over a red wall and it is still visible because it is underlined with an inverted color


My issue with the frame counter is not the colour, but the size. It’s huge! I would love the option to reduce the font size, please.
And I agree with Wazbaz_the_Weary’s idea of making the FRC transparent, too.


FRC is just too big. That is also my main issue with it, and it doesnt seem to be able to display with the crosshair simultaneously. Other wise its pretty okay. Another thing is just that my screen will randomly flicker off and i have to spam the window key to get it to come back on. I have the latest firmware.

On another note, I would love the crosshair movement to be more granular, like at least half the distance less per joystick stroke from what it is now.


Hey @Lambicus,

We suspect that there is an existing command for lighting up the dimming zones where OSD, including crosshair and FRC, are located in HDR. We aim to learn more about it from our development partners in the future when priority allows.

We have confirmed that this is, sadly, not supported by our current monitor scaler. However, we aim to consider it again when there is a chance to develop a future generation Spectrum with a new scaler.


So you think that there’s something that could potentially be done about FPS counter/crosshair display brightness in HDR? Would love to see this looked at!


We can likely do something about it because it appears to have been manually added in the first place to increase OSD visibility in HDR, as dimming zones can be dim sometimes. We will dig deeper; it will simply take time before other more critical firmware items settle.