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Hey community,

We are back for another set of crosshair improvement open questions! This is based on our exploration after @Derrick_McFall mentioned that it would be great to have more granular crosshair movement. What’s more, we will introduce our progress following your comments about the color of the crosshair and frame rate counter.

Follow-up on color

The following were chosen as targets for future implementation:

new crosshair colors

Because both the crosshair and frame rate counter are part of the OSD, the transparency setting should control them all. While the crosshair already ties with it, the frame rate counter does not. We aim to bring the latter in line with the former later down the line.

Room for improvement

Before we dive in, it is essential to explain why a user may want the crosshair to be off-center. A game may not have its aiming point rendered in the center of the screen to complement other elements such as the user interface. Therefore, Spectrum’s crosshair benefits from the ability to move the required distance in appropriately-sized steps.

We found that our scaler may support extended height range, click acceleration, and finer movement of the crosshair. These seem beneficial on paper, but some come with a trade-off. The wider the height range and the finer the steps, the longer it takes to switch to a desired crosshair position. Naturally, we turn them into questions so that we hear exactly what you need.


At what maximum and minimum height does the crosshair need to be?
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • No opinion.

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How granular does the crosshair movement need to be?
  • More than 3mm per click.
  • 3mm per click, same as now.
  • 2mm per click.
  • 1mm per click.
  • Less than 1mm per click.
  • No opinion.

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If you have comments, please don’t hesitate to let us know!



I would like to give an opinion but I have not experimented with this function as it is the cross in the middle of the screen. In position A or B it should even be fine :rofl: By any chance Spectrum will have Black Equalizer feature? THE BEST 240Hz E-Sports Gaming Monitor You CAN FINALLY Buy! - BenQ ZOWIE XL2546K - YouTube Honestly, I do find it useful when I see this example. Unfortunately, my previous monitors did not perform as well as in the video


what if you gave the use granular control over where the crosshair is on screen? like toggling it off and on in the OSD and using the nipple on the back to move it pixel by pixel?


I agree with you that it seems to enable better performance for competitive players with the sacrifice of image accuracy and immersion. Although Spectrum has always emphasized color accuracy, it shouldn’t be a reason to prevent exploring black equalizer if we can confirm with our community that it is something meaningful to our users. I’ll bring this opinion to the team.

It indeed enhances the crosshair’s functionality if Spectrum offers a dedicated mode to move the crosshair to anywhere on the screen. We’ll need to see what we can do with the next generation of scalers in future Spectrums!


I think the only issue I have with the cross-hair adjustments is that they should be finer. If I play Destiny 2 on PC, the cross-hair lines up perfectly with the in-game one. If I play on PS5, it’s off by 1-2mm. So definitely finer control would be ideal; as long as you can hold the button to make large movement changes and then tap the button to make finer changes, I’m ok with it taking a little longer. Once you set it, likely you aren’t going to mess with it that often unless you’re constantly changing games.


I play Destiny 2 alot on PS5. Currently I can walk the cross hair close but about 3mm off from the in-game reticle. The in-game reticle being lower than centre. I desperately want this finer movement to happen.


The crosshair’s current position is perfect for COD on PS5 but when playing split screen horizontally, B looks to be right in the middle. What about for those who prefer a vertical split for split screen play? is it possible to move it left or right? As far as the colors go, the chosen colors seems to be a great selection. Maybe one day the color selection could be similar to Microsoft’s honeycomb or rainbow field where you can just pick your own color or maybe even at least just a shade of the color. The transparency option is going to be great though, so thank you. Is this coming with V106?


When playing destiny 2 the cross air does not line up. It is either a little above or below.


Agreed. I selected 1mm in the poll, but only because there was no option for 1 pixel.


One issue I’ve run into after using the crosshair somewhat regularly is that it is easy to reposition unintentionally. I find there have been a number of times when I’ve moved the crosshair away from the centre position without realizing, since there is no clear indication of the crosshair’s origin point and it’s impossible to ‘eye’ a crosshair that is one or two ‘clicks’ away from centre. I would appreciate any feature that makes it impossible to unintentionally move the crosshair away from the desired/intended position, such as a ‘crosshair position lock’ toggle, or an update to the OSD UI that gives a clear indication of where the crosshair position has been set to (such as coordinates detailing the current position in relation to the centre/origin point).


Hmmm. I have some ideas about this, but I’d need to ask the fw dev team if this can be done.

  1. Always show a cross-type cross hair (X probably as it would not over lap with any crosshair except for the dot) at dead center of the monitor (it would have to be a multiple of 2 pixels at the center, as we don’t have an odd number of hor / ver pixels, so center is technically 4 pixels in dead center, if my math checks out), so you can clearly see how far away you are from center.

  2. have a similar one show up when at the last point it was placed at as soon as you start moving.

  3. Even have a shortcut (say long press down, or else activate right and left for crosshair to always move back to default location, i.e. the center…

Some good ideas here.

I voted on 1 mm but I, too would like more granular than that - 1 pixel at a time and lateral movement, are both great ideas (in my book).

Let’s see what Grant says when he reads this tomorrow.


Moving left/right would be much appreciated - and fine tuned movement (pixel wise)


Id prefer you work on another update for HDR on the Xbox series X, shouldn’t have a better picture with HDR turned off.


Thanks for the shout-out. I think granularity by pixel would be great if movement acceleration is possible. Otherwise, I could see how it might become a little tedious. Honestly even without acceleration, if holding the joystick keeps the cross-hair moving that would still be valuable to me.


Not related to the actual question asked but related to crosshairs at least :wink: Would it be a good idea to change the default crosshair to something other than the dot? Hopefully that would prevent quite so many people getting their brand new monitor, accidentally turning on the crosshair and thinking they have a faulty panel with a bright pixel in the dead centre of the screen.


Hi @OldAsh,

That is a great idea :slight_smile:

Actually our product manager also pointed out the exact same thing in our previous meeting. We have decided to make Eve logo as default instead.


Any updates here? Will there be finer control over the crosshair position?

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Hi @PrazVT,

Let me check with the team to see if there are more updates. Will get back as soon as I get more news.


I play on a ps5 and the ‘dot’ crosshair is really nice, but it would be great if we had the option to make it a little bigger as it can be hard to see.

Looking forward to the color options above as well :+1:

Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback! We are implementing finer controls right now for the upcoming firmware update. I will see if we can slip in a slightly bigger dot into the patch as well.