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Hi Community,

as more and more people seem to get the Spectrum and the topics with questions and problems rises, I’d like to add a place where we supply a list of solved problems / questions for new People who can’t read through thousands of rows, just to, maybe, find an answer.
In short: A Wiki

I’ll start with some Problems/Questions I saved for later and if you have solved questions I’ll add them to the list. I would like to ask you to make a new Topic if you have a new Problem, so this Topic wont get as big as some are already.
Problems with answers can be posted in here, so I can add them.
Thanks to all the People who are helping the community! I can’t add your name to every answer but I’ll try to add links to the posts.

WIKI - Spectrum

How to open a new Problem / Question Topic:
Add the following info:

  • Which Device is affected?
  • OS Version of Device (Windows 10/11, Mac OS X/Y, Xbox/PS Version)?
  • Which cable is used for the connection (HDMI, DP, USB-C)?
  • Which Firmware is the Spectrum running on?
  • For PC: Which GPU is used?
  • For PC: GPU Driver Version?
  • Describe your Problem as good as possible, if possible, add Pictures


General things to check / to do:

Try another Cable, even if you think its “good” there is a good chance it is the problem
Try another Computer and see if it has the same problem
Update your GPU drivers
Update the Monitor Firmware (Can be found here: https://evedevices.com/pages/support under “Downloads”)

General Questions:

Where is the Monitor Firmware or Manual?
Go to: https://evedevices.com/pages/support and select “Downloads” next to “Contact Us”

The Monitor won’t turn on:
Did you press the right Button? It’s not the Joystick, there is a button below it (Numbered 3 )

If the Monitor comes back from sleeping, all Icons are thrown around the Desktop
Yeah, that’s windows 10, it is fixed in Windows 11, you could update

Backlight of the Spectrum stays on
It takes between 3-5 Minutes, currently no fix is known

There is a line in the middle of the Monitor
Update to Monitor Firmware 104
If this wont help, contact Support for DOA (14 days’ time)

Can the Monitor output sound via HDMI, does it have ARC ?

Will the Spectrum support PiP (Picture in Picture)-Mode?

HDR looks bad / washed out on Windows 10
Install Windows 11, seriously, Auto-HDR helps a lot

Is it possible to Daisy-Chain on the Spectrum 4k

Is ELMB / Strobed VRR available?
Currently not, but BlurBusters are working on it!

Is FreeSync HDR tone mapping supported?
It is currently worked on

The sound is too low on the Spectrum AUX Port
It is currently investigated if this can be changed.

Is there an ICC Profile?
Currently No but there is a workaround:

Is there a way to Force DP 1.2?
No but it is currently worked on

There is a white dot in the middle of my screen
There is a good chance, you activated the crosshair, try turning it off

Is it possible to update the Firmware to support 4k@165Hz like the LG one?
No, it uses a different scaler

Does the Spectrum support VESA, what are the measurements and is it secured?

What Power cables are required?

Technical Questions:

The Monitor needs a long time to wake up form sleep-Mode
This is currently investigated and maybe solved via a Firmware update.
You should update to 104 or 106 because it does improve it.

If you can’t go into the BIOS because the screen is Black until Windows is loaded:
This is currently looked into. Some users reported a driver update fixed the problem, you could try this.
This mostly happens with Displayport.

I have green flicker on my monitor
Please install the newest GPU Firmware and remove the old via DDU(!) not just the normal update.

PS / Xbox / PC the screen goes black
Update the Monitor Firmware to 104
Try another >Certified< HDMI 2.1 Cable / DP Cable

Black and White Screen while HDR active
This seems mostly a GPU Driver Problem, you can try:
Update the Monitor Firmware to 104
Use DDU to uninstall all old drivers and install the latest GPU drivers
If this wont work: Eve is currently working with the manufacturer to find a fix

I don’t have Video if the Monitor is connected to a capture card
You need a capture card with HDMI 2.1 support, it won’t work with HDMI 2.0 Capture cards

PC Section:
I can’t select 4k with my Graphics card
Get a certified HDMI 2.1 or DP cable

I can only run 4k 120Hz @ 8bit on my GTX 10xx Series
HDMI2.1 is only supported on RTX3000 Series and DSC is only supported on > RTX2000 Series, you must get a new GPU to use 4k@144Hz on Nvidia Graphic Cards

Using the Spectrum 4k and another Monitor with a different resolution at the same time under Windows 10

Here are some tips and Tricks:

The USB Devices are freezing
The is a workaround for the problem in windows:

PS / XBox Section:
I can’t get 120Hz on my PS5
Enable “Performance Mode”

Mac Section:
4k 144Hz over USB-C on MacBook Pros
This seems to be quite the Problem on the MacOS site, you can try:
144Hz via USB-C seems to be working on “Big Sur” with Apple M1 not on Intel
Get a DisplayPort to USB-C Cable, this seems to work for Intel MacBooks.
Get an Apple Thunderbolt cable, there seems to be many cables that just won’t work
You HAVE to use the connector on the bottom! Not that on one the side.
For > 60Hz you HAVE to select “High refresh rate” in the Monitor OSD for the USB-C Bandwidth.

The screen doesn’t turn on with macOS Monterey
Switch the Spectrum USB C bandwidth priority to data, there is a problem with 144Hz on Monterey.

144Hz not working with MacOS Monterey
This is currently investigated

Some USB Devices cant be accessed from MacBook
This is currently investigated and will be fixed via a Firmware update

Is there currently a Mac Updater for the Spectrum?
No, its sheduled to be released later down the line

I don’t have a Windows PC, can I update the monitor?
If you have a Mac with an Intel CPU, you can Update the monitor via Bootcamp

Does the Apple MacBook Charging cable support external Dispalys?
No, you need a real Thunderbolt Cable to support external Displays.
More here: About the Apple Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) Cable - Apple Support

Honourable Mentions:
I’m feeling adventurous and want to update the firmware without the Eve-Updater
K, bro:


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How could an OS-level driver affect what happens before OS even loads and the driver starts to operate?


Hi, thanks for the feedback.
It was a solution for multiple people, so I added it into the FAQ.
I would probably agree with you on that.
AMD/NVIDIA are releasing separate tools for VBIOS modifications, so I think the normal OS drivers are not modifying GPU Firmware.

Modifying firmware via driver updates is still possible, so a software update can make the device work better/worse even when only used to update and not currently running.

I’ll mark it, thanks again.


Not so sure - but:

I just bought an eVGA RTX 3080 Ti. I was previously running a GTX 970. The installed driver was 511.65.

As I’ve always been doing for the last several months, I installed the latest driver, 511.79, performing a clean install.

The first thing it asked me to do was perform a firmware update (on the card presumably) - I do not recall ever seeing an nVidia driver push a firmware update to the GPU. EVER. This was the very first time I’ve seen this.

But, as long as I was not hallucinating when I installed it Saturday night, then I can safely say that it is, indeed, possible, now, for a driver update that pushes fw updates to the GPU to affect what happens before the OS even loads.

I wonder how many people have also seen that fw update during driver install that I saw and not actually mentioned it?