Spectrum Community Testing

Hey community testers!

Are any of you going to be testing photography and image manipulation workflows?

Or have I, as usual, missed something?


I don’t technically do much image manipulation to begin with, but I’ve almost finished my testing with the i1Display Pro plus that I bought for this monitor.

I just shoot photos with my phone camera and then look at them on the computer - maybe, every once in a while, do a bit of cropping and / or resizing so it can be posted easily online.

That being said, though, I have a buddy who is a pro photog in Florida, and he covers open wheel racing events a lot - so I’m sure I could beg some content off him to play with on the monitor.

I do tend to take a lot of photos of clouds and such, though, as I posted on my FB page - I have 3 running Google Photos albums of images of clouds (and aberrations), Night Sight images and Astrophotography mode images.

I’ll post them here t osee if you want me to do something with those, as they are readily available to me.


Night Sight

Coral Astrophotography



I hope I don’t sound too harsh but I was expecting more from the community testing. Yes it’s cool if we get pictures of a good packaging, a nice stand and everything but at the end of the day what matters is the display and we had very little feedback on it beside “it looks good, it’s very smooth”. (at least it’s positive I guess)

Even if it’s still not the final product, it would be nice to have informations about the contrast ratio, the response time, the color accuracy and so on. And I remember reading some people applying for it and there were people really qualified to talk about that kind of stuff. Even if you don’t have the equipment to measure it, you certainly have in your home other displays to compare it to that have already been measured on internet.

Anyway thanks to take some of your freetime to share your experience with the Spectrum. I’m still confident about the product, keep up the good work and I can’t wait to read more about it.


I think majority of them are waiting to give us more detailed feedback, I believe a lot of them just got the monitors like a week ago. They need time to actually use the monitor


Are there any professional reviews in the works? I think that would help massively.
The community reviews are nice and of course still need some more time…but pairing that up with a few hard facts by external testers would give some people the final confirmation for a great product!

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Eve have indicated that they’ll be sending out review units to professional reviewers. These will come from the first batch of production units, meaning that it’ll probably be the end of June before they’re received. The reviewers will then need time to test and edit before the reviews come out, so we’re probably looking at early-mid July for the first professional reviews.

If you’ve got a pre-order but don’t want to complete payment until these professional reviews are available, Eve have said that’s fine. You can also get your deposit refunded if you don’t like the reviews.

We don’t know who the reviewers are going to be yet. There’s a very good chance that Linus Tech Tips will be one of them, given that Linus did a mini review of a prototype unit that wasn’t exactly complimentary. Eve will no doubt want to get a much more positive review!


Hey @brightonBreezy,

I would keep an eye on Tikio’s prototype topic

He will be testing this with his use-cases.

Tikio will also be taking his Wife’s opinions into account during this, because she is a professional when it comes to video, and image editing.



Don’t we all!! :flushed:


Aw that’s a bummer but thank you for those infos.
I’ll put a hold on my order too given the problematic history of eve products.
Although I’m really tempted to do the payment because I ordered for 600 usd and that’s quite a bargain for such a monitor :slight_smile:

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Just wait until the 3rd party reviews go up to pay for your order. Eve has said multiple times that you will be able to finish placing your order at its reduced price after reviews have gone up


@Khahandran I see you’ve mentioned the KVM functionality working. Can you or any other testers elaborate more about what exactly your experience is with this? OSD settings, connected devices, what gets switched and how, etc.

Inadvertent or not, this could be a huge selling point since so many people are working from home.


I don’t think OSD settings are transferred i.e each input either has its own settings retained, or they reset to a default but I’ll check that.

Edit: I can confirm that each device retains its own settings. What I set for my Surface Pro doesn’t flow across to when I switch back to PC. If I switch back to Surface Pro what I set under that device is still set. Volume seems to be an exception though.

For my setup, I currently have my mouse plugged into back of keyboard which has its own USB hub, and then the keyboard into the Spectrum. Both are transferred between PC and Surface Pro.

By how do you mean navigating into the OSD and its ease?


I’m cautiously optimistic about this monitor. I have been waiting for it, for quite sometime like all of us here, but after the problematic review from LTT (prototype pre-run production batch). I’m not confident that in 6 months some of the major issues like QC, and OSD firmware can be massively worked out. The large glaring bug was the fact that the screen had shadowing right down the middle of it. The fact that it had ZERO gsync options enabled via Nvidia control panel, and just the overall clunky operation of it. Now you could call me pessimistic and say that there is definite potential for Eve to nail this, but Eve V had a horrendous launch, and took years to deliver and there were problems with the product even after successfully delivering everything.

Monitors are in my opinion one of the most ambitious products to reliably manufacture. Panel lottery is a huge thing even in some of the most high-end displays, apart from the $5,000 displays from the likes of Apple and some of Dells displays for video/graphic editing. It doesn’t really take longer than a week to IMO do a full review of a product and give an analytical review with factual stats. I’ll be following all of the threads closely before fully purchasing this monitor.

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Check out the tester threads to see the latest progress.


I apologize, but a lot of things have come up to get in the way of me posting as regularly as I would like. The first being the learning curve around the i1Display that I purchased. I’ve been working my way through various videos and forum posts and reddit posts and stuff I can find basically anywhere on how to really drive this thing and figure out what all needs to be done, how it needs to be done, and more.

I’m not even a n00b when it comes to displays -0 of all my IT experience, they are the one thing I’ve never really paid attention to, as evidenced by my current Lenovo 1080p monitors. So, I’ve been going through, doing the tests and altering settings and then not liking what I see so starting over, and as I get more and more frustrated I invariably make mistakes, which lead to complications that require yet another start over.

I’ve got most of it down, now, and I’m going to try to video the entire run with the i1Display from start to finish (which may require some editing on my part, to make it into smaller, more manageable chunks. Along with that, I’ve not got a decent (and recent) video card (running it on a GTX 970) so there are a lot of things other testers can do right off the bat that I cannot. So, I’m focusing on the things I can do that most others cannot.

I will have more content up later this week, including some surprise things I’ve found in using the Model 3 (and some surprising things I’ve found in having Windows adjust settings for scaling, which I’ve never, ever had to do before - so many issues that I’ve run into that are not because of the monitor but because of Windows’ over-bearing methodology of applying what it thinks should be done versus what actually needs to be done.

Hang in there, please, and after the next set of posts, please come back and tell me what else I can do in terms of testing and if I have the capability to do so, I’ll definitely jump on it.


It would be great in general to get some more feedback from all the testers. Some threads look pretty abandonded.
What I would wish is from every tester a personal pros and cons list and if they would recommend the monitor or not.
Also a list of flaws or bugs they found and that are currently still persistent.
Like that, we could get a better overview. Tikio seems quite positive and his thread is reading good with plenty of updates and answers.
Would be great to get some more insights also from the other testers as well :slight_smile:


Send me a test unit and I can review the photography features as I’m a photographer, photo and video editor by trade with a modest youtube channel following that I work on on the side, reviewing tech and previously sneakers. I can PM my youtube channel to let you know how I conduct my reviews and you can see whether it would be helpful in this use case.



Will there be community testing for the 240hz model?


Hey, @kreative! We’ll see what we can do when we have the appropriate prototypes. So far our community testers have been a great help for firmware development and providing insights of real-world use cases to our community; we will consider community testing for the 240Hz model!


I believe you answered my question. Sorry if it wasn’t clear. If I were to depend on Spectrum for KVM capability, I wanted to know how it worked and how many peripherals I could switch between devices.