Spectrum Community Lounge

Hey Folks,

A Little About Us:

We at Eve, specialise in creating crowd-developed technology. We ask you, the community, for your input and opinions. This truly helps us in developing state-of-the-art technology. Our primary focus is ensuring the end user gets what they most desire in the products you all help us develop!

Looking Back

As you know, we ran into a few hurdles during the development of the Spectrum, but through these challenges we have successfully created an awesome monitor; I’m sure you will all agree. Admittedly, the logistics process should have gone a lot smoother. As previously discussed in the shipping topic, the crippling effects COVID-19 has had on the global shipping situation were a lot worse than we initially anticipated, but also mistakes were also made on our side, and for that we must express our utmost apologies. Putting all that aside, we have now been able to provide estimates for all standard orders based on information provided by our shipping partners. We are also expecting more units to top up our inventory this month, which we will be using to ship the remaining express orders, and new orders. While you wait for your Spectrum(s) to arrive. I thought we could spend some time here to casually discuss and chat.

The Dedicated Shipping Discussion has now been changed back to what it was. Anything shipping related you can discuss there.

The Community Lounge

All that being said lets talk about this new topic: Spectrum Community Lounge will be a casual area on the community for discussions. Here’s a few examples:

  • Any questions about your setup/configurations.

  • What do you think to my setup?

  • Any suggestions for Spectrum (Hardware, or firmware related) E.g., I personally would have loved a SPDIF/Toslink port.

  • I’m looking for a new graphics card. What would you recommend for Spectrum?

  • What kind of coffee do you drink? (Just a joke question, but I use Javan Volcanic Island Beans :laughing:).

  • Etc


Lets start this off, as some of you know, I’m a proud GamerDad! I pre-ordered the Spectrum for use with the PS5. I have a strong passion for FPS games like Call of duty Warzone.
But also enjoy other games:
The challenging Darksouls series, Oddworld games (Abe’s odyssey), Pokémon, and
although I haven’t played in around a year, I love the nostalgia of the OldSchool RuneScape grind.
Speaking of nostalgia, I also love the classics:
Super Mario, Banjo-Kazooie, Sonic, GODS, Zelda etc.

I would like to ask those who are waiting for Spectrum:

  • What games are you most looking forward to playing on Spectrum?

  • Any recommendations?

If you have already received your Spectrum feel free to answer with games you play most.

Also for my own curiosity here’s a poll, because I love polls:

What platform will/do you use with Spectrum?

  • Self Built PC
  • Pre Built PC
  • Laptop
  • PS5
  • Xbox series X/S
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Other

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I’m like 80% excited for the media creation and consumption and 20% excited for the gaming component.

I run a business, but I also like to game here and there. I want a versatile monitor that’s color accurate to create videos and other assets, but also allows me to waste some time playing games. I play stupid casual games now like Terraria, COD, Factorio, Super Animal Royale, etc.

How will you spend your time with your new monitor?

  • 100% media consumption/creation and/or business && 0% gaming
  • 75% media consumption/creation and/or business && 25% gaming
  • 50% media consumption/creation and/or business &&b50% gaming
  • 25% media consumption/creation and/or business && 75% gaming
  • 0% media consumption/creation and/or business && 100% gaming

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If you asked me 6 months ago, my usage would have been 100% for gaming. Present day I would say it’s now like 75% media consumption/creation and/or business && 25% gaming.

Great idea for a poll! I’m super interested to see the results!


Post your current gaming setup as you wait for your eve Spectrum!

Here’s mine (I’m lucky enough to live by a sea port):
eve wait


At least you have the gpu!!!.


I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty nice. The glue just dried, so I popped it in and everything plays like Little Big Planet/It Takes Two. I might even download “What The Box” to get that authentic feel. My ETA October 2021 Spectrum 4k really makes the colors pop. :rofl: :rofl:


That looks damn impressive, good job :rofl::+1:


Just got a Macbook Pro 16 and it’s been great using it with Spectrum. But there is something I don’t understand, why does it look so good in SDR, but when I check the box with Automatically turn on HDR, it looks worse, less bright and colors more dull. I feel this this turns off HDR than turn it on. Even if it’s not actually in HDR it still looks great. Using Spectrum on both Windows and MacOS has been great. Also works perfectly with the XSX with 4K HDR and 120 fps.


Question: does the Spectrum have an auto turn off mode (i.e. after 1 hour of inactivity)? Or a timer?
Could this be implemented in a future firmware update?
I don’t have a tv in my room and everytime to turn off my monitor I have to get up from bed at night.

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Philips hue smart outlet.
Absolutely bulletproof.

I have a smart plug, but you can’t imagine the cable mess that I have under my desk, I would need like 15 of them and sometimes when I use the one that I have the whole house electricity goes off.
Smart plug is fine, there are just too many devices.

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I’m curious to know what’s currently planned for v103 of the Firmware. Anyone have list of expected/planned changes?


@Brandon_Smith, @Techmo

Hey Guys,
I’ve passed your queries onto the team. I’ll get back to you when I learn more.

Spectrum does have a standby feature, but not an “auto/timed turn off mode”. Ive passed your suggestion onto the team

In another forum they said the upcoming firmware is in its final testing phase. it should be releasing sometime this month. Yeah i would like to know what the upcoming firmware has in it as well.


Hey there, is it possible to output the Audio from HDMI with the USB C Port?


Thanks to the nice big company I work for I’ll be getting a 3070 for my Spectrum at MSRP. Only because I can’t get a 3080 at MSRP. This will replace a 2070, which of course I will sell to cover the difference.

On the negative side, I think waiting for my internal corp store to get them in stock has been a shorter wait then just the pushed-back shipping dates. When I do get the display, it will be amazing.

Café Bustelo Espresso is the coffee to go with.


I use a 1–>4 splitter instead of having 4 outlets. I just have 1 that works for 4. :wink:

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I know I can do this, but again I don’t want to mess the way I setup all the cables down there, because as of now everything works.
It would be much easier if in the next firmware there will be an auto turn off mode like in every TV.

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I have an amazing suggestion for the eve spectrum: Cross-platform DDC command utility

For those who don’t know, DDC commands can be sent over display port or hdmi cables and can be used to change various settings of the monitor without having to actually open the OSD and instead use keyboard shortcuts or an easy to use software.

Why cross platform? Cause some of us (although low in number) use linux or mac!

MSI currently has the BEST software for controlling their monitor but I believe that eve can do better given their open-ness to listen to community feedback and this could be in theory an after production upgrade for existing customers.


  1. Per application profiles: Imagine being able to select SRGB profile for web content or color accurate work and then selecting a saturated mode for gaming or even better, backlight strobing! (the application switching should be automatic and based on what’s displayed in the foreground) I know blur busters has a utility to tune the backlight strobe but I don’t believe it can control the other functions of the monitor.
  2. Switch inputs using keyboard shortcut: Eve doesn’t support automatic KVM switch functionality (@ReignDespair correct me if I’m wrong) BUT with this software installed on both computers it can be a simple matter of a keyboard shortcut! what do I mean? well I know that through DDC commands you can switch display output and USB control (either through usb B or usb type c) so using this software we’d send a DDC command that says “Hey I want to switch to display port and please switch my inputs from USB C to what’s hooked up to USB type B”
  3. Integrate blur buster backlight strobing switch: Instead of having 2 separate programs, talk to blur busters to see if you can integrate their utility into your software as a tab. Using DDC commands you should be able to enable/disable backlight strobing (hopefully VRR + backlight strobing gets implemented too, that’d be AWESOME)

Just my 2 cents, I think it would really make this monitor stand out. Despite people complaining that something better will come along by the time they get their spectrum I have to say this monitor has more features people have been asking for YEARS and manufactures just don’t care or can’t hear them.
What this monitor has

  1. First QHD “tuned by blur busters” backlight strobing monitor (not to be confused with blur buster approved, this monitor doesn’t qualify for that). This includes the GENEROUS amounts of pixel overdrive, well tuned backlight strobed and (assuming all goes well) first monitor to get VRR + backlight strobing through a software update! Asus’s implementation with elmb sync has too much crosstalk and gigabytes aim stabilizer sync won’t look as good as eve’s if they actually get this approved.
  2. Lots of USB ports (most monitors have 2 usb ports)
  3. Most functions are available through DDC commands so making keyboard shortcuts for every function seems more possible than ever. Asus locks some of their functions that aren’t available through DDC commands OR even in the monitor OSD like you only have 5 levels of overdrive and you can’t enable backlight strobing through software or DDC commands, you MUST use the monitor OSD for that.
  4. Almost bezeless design
  5. Built in 100w charging for usb C devices. Folks you have to realize not many “Gaming displays” with 144hz or more have this feature AT ALL and don’t plan on having it. Laptop gamers rejoice in your opportunity to use a monitor for your at home set up :slight_smile:
  6. HDMI 2.1 most manufactures will just stick to display port 1.4 with DSC for 4k 144 or QHD 240 hz and leave console users in the dust while the higher tiers of monitor has 2 hdmi 2.1

Love the monitor and patiently wait for my QHD 240 hz. Even if it arrives by next year, I don’t think there will be any new monitors with this sheer amount of utility.