Spectrum | 4K Wallpaper Design Contest


Hi guys,

It’s time to get creative! We get frequent requests to share the wallpapers we’re using in our Spectrum social media posts, and we gladly do. This got us thinking though – can we give you more than that? This is a call for the talented fellow community members with a neck for design and digital art.

We’re hosting a crowd-developed wallpaper contest

Based on the public vote, we’ll curate a pack of 4K stunners you can dress up your Spectrum screens with.


Step 1: Pick a theme

There are 3 themes you can choose to base your digital artwork on:

  • Fluidity
  • Focus
  • Unity

Step 2: Design your piece

Create your wallpaper based on one of the given topics. Insert your artwork in the Spectrum monitor mock-up we provided.

Step 3: Show it off

Submit your entry while making sure that you adhere to the delivery instructions. Note down the theme you’ve chosen and tag your post with #spectrum4Kwallpaper. You have time to upload your wallpaper until June 12th, 00:00h CEST.

Step 4: Winner selection

All valid entries will be featured in a contest gallery. 3 winners will be selected by public vote. The voting starts on June 13th 00:00h CEST and ends at June 22nd 00:00h CEST, so make sure you rally your friends, family and fans to support you.


Based on the public vote, we’ll select 3 winners who will receive a 50 USD Steam gift cards. The top 3 entries will compiled into a wallpaper pack and promoted within dough.community and fan base.

Submission instructions

  • Please submit one entry at a time (note that there is no limit to how many entries you can submit to the contest)
  • Create your original piece with a resolution of 3840×2160, 16:9 aspect ratio, and PNG format.
  • Please submit the image only if you are its author; your artwork must be specifically created for the competition.
  • Please ensure your image is licensed under CC BY 1.0. By entering the competition, you agree to its license terms.
  • Please refer to the contest for the full contest rules


Excited to see your entries!


Posted my entry for the contest on Instagram! Excited to see what others have created! I might make another one for a different theme, but there’s not much time left.


I did end up designing another one, but it’s still saying I only have one entry. How do I get it to see multiple entries? Thank you

Hi @Techmo,

I will bring this up to the team.

Not sure… maybe the system only shows “one entry” regardless of how many you have, but I will check first.


Hey @Techmo if you would like to try and submit it again we can still count it as a valid entry! There is nothing to approve in the queue so it probably went through but you’re more than welcome to do it again !

I don’t think it’s possible now that the competition has ended. I have all three of mine uploaded to Instagram though with the #spectrum4kwallpaper tag.

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Now that the contest has ended will we be able to vote on the wallpapers soon?

@Techmo yes, we will have public announcement when to vote! Good luck!


Think it would be ok if I post my designs to the forum?


Hey @Techmo

Yes you can! We would all love to see your awesome designs!

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