Spectrum 4k Best Display port cables to use?

Just received my three spectrums today and got them setup. Came with Firmware 102 . I haven’t had a chance to play with any settings yet because I spent a couple hours learning not all display port cables are created equal. I have several that wouldn’t run above 100hz and when you tried it would cause glitches, black screens and even reboots in Windows 10. I managed to find 3 cables out of my stock that worked at 144hz. I probably should of ordered some of Eve’s cables with my monitors. Evidently their cables are not available from the website yet.

My questions are

What brand display port cables are my fellow spectrum owners using and recommending?

Eve, when will your cables that you offered when paying for the monitors be available for ordering on your website?

Got one by a company called iVANKY which explicitly states “8k60, 4k144, 1080p 240” 32.4 gbps also so I figured I’d buy it. Had to make a quick choice as the email stating I would get no cord with my monitor arrived an hour before my monitor did. It arrives tomorrow, so for now I’m using an HDMI 2.0 I stole from my TV (capped at 4k60) :rage: