Spectrum 4k 144Hz Troubles, HDMI and DP

Howdy Y’all.
I get inconsistent performance when I run my Spectrum 4k at 3840x2160 @ 144hz. It seems at random, the picture will drop out, or flicker. Windows still detects the monitor, but the Monitor claims to not be detected. This has been an issue since I’ve had the monitor at firmware 104 (i believe). It mostly seems to happen at system boot. I have tried purchasing new 1.4 DP cables and 2.1 HDMI cables, no longer than 10’. I’ve been googling, and while both DP and HDMI can hit 4k 144hz, some people seem to refer it as an “overclock”. Monitor works fine at 4k, 120hz. No issues what so ever.
OS: Windows 10
Video Card: 6900xt
Firmware: 106
Monitor Settings: Stock
Drivers: Updated

Hi @BB-Dogmilk,

You might want to check these two topics out:

Have you tried disabling the VRR feature to see if it helps even when set on 144Hz?

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In addition to what Theo said, Could you drop your frames down to 120hz and let us know if that makes a difference?