Spectrum 4k 144hz order timeline

The 4k model finally arrived! And a day early too! Here are some screenshots of the Xbox Series X compatibility.

XSX has no issue with 4k @120hz, but if I take a 30 clip of gameplay with the xbox DVR, when I began to view it, my spectrum display turns block for a few seconds before showing me my clip.

Shipping delays for Specrum 4k 144hz
Announced in 2019
Jan. 2020 began taking pre-orders
Q3 2020
Q4 2020 delay
12/late/20 delay
2/26/21 delay
4/20/21 delay
6/29/21 delay
7/15/21 people begin receiving Express shipping orders

My timeline

3/19/21 - Pre-ordered Eve Spectrum 4k 144 hz & stand, paid obligatory $100.

5/31/21- Recieved email asking to finalize payment. Shipping to TX, USA

6/4/21 - Completed payment: $609 monitor, $99 stand, & $179 DHL Express shipping (3-7 days). I paid $100 + $609 + $99 = $808 + $179 = $987 total

6/29/21- Receive email from Eve reporting that Spectrums are starting to ship out. (Not mine specifically though).

7/26/21 - Email from Eve informing me that my Spectrum is about to be shipped via DHL Express, tracking number & status included.

7/26/21- Email from DHL with shipping status of Spectrum & addition shipping options. Estimated delivery is 7/29/21.

7/26/21- Another email from Eve saying that order is in transit & has a tracking button.

7/27/21- At evedevices. com, the order under my account shows the receipt, June 4, 2021 Paid $887.00 Status: Fulfilled.

I noticed that the status went from unfulfilled to fulfilled after DHL tracking indicated that my product arrived at a shipping facility in my country.

7/28/21- received 2 emails from DHL, the 1st informing me that my order will arrive by the end of the day, & the 2nd following up with an exact time of delivery at my delivery address.

7/29/21- Eve emailed me saying “your order is arriving soon. The carrier normally deliver within 3-6 hours.”
“Expected: 29 July”

Time to arrive
3/19/21 to 7/28/21: 131 days from pre-order.
6/4/21 to 7/28/21: 54 days from final payment, via Express shipping.

The 4k @120hz works with my Razor laptop GTX 1660i and it’s insanely smooth! Love it!

More Series X display options screenshots.





Does the HDR Calibration work from your XSX?

i have xbox one x and the calibration worked fine. the monitors have firmware 102 which that firmware did addressed the hdr calibration issue.


Thanks for confirming, wanting to hold off till this was fixed

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Have you got low latency mode to come on in the series x settings? Mines still greyed out even with low latency mode turned on in the monitor. Upgraded the firmware as well

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You have to enable YCC 4:2:2 support and all the ticks will show and you’ll be able to calibrate HDR. Also, the monitor turning black thing you’re talking about is simply the monitor switching to HDR mode. It happens every time you launch a HDR game or video on YouTube for example.