Spectrum 4K 144Hz Glossy Buying Experience (US)

Hi all -

Despite of tons unhappy customers sharing their experiences on this forum, I decided to take a huge leap of faith and ordered a 4k Glossy monitor.


  • I am based in the US
  • my previous buying experience with Eve was a Matte 4k monitor that I waited for 8 months and finally received at the end of 2022.

Here’s my 4k glossy order timeline:
Order placed - 2/21/23
Shipped - 3/6/23 (from Las Vegas, NV)
Delivered - 3/8/23 (Irvine, CA)

If there are any other customers that received their monitors, please share your experience here.

I really feel for everyone waiting for their refund or product for months/years. It’s unacceptable. However, with this post, I just hope to give some hope to those who are waiting.

It looks like Eve/Dough indeed shipping monitors (at least matte and glossy) to customers in the US. Obviously, there are some (huge) problems (probably logistics) in other countries. So despite the lack of transparency from Eve/Dough is still hope that they will overcome their issues and everyone receive their products.

P.S. 4k Glossy monitor is gorgeous. A great addition to Matte one.

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Congrats on getting your monitor! I’m curious how you were able to get your monitor so quickly when people like myself have been waiting close to a year for our monitor. Eve is really something


I ordered and paid in full for 4K Glossy model on 10/26/22 and i am in the US but have not received my monitor, im not understanding how this is even possible that new orders are being filled and shipped straight away but customers waiting months are still left waiting? @Cas


Are you kidding me? I waited 1 year for my glossy4k and have yet to recieve it.

“probably logistics) in other countries” no the support at dough said its that they are waiti g for monitors to arrive in their distribution center. So it means they dont ship any to europe…

This is truly quite infuriating. I also order a 4k glossy but in November 2022. I am also extremely close to Irvine and cannot think of any reason why I have not even received an email about the status of my order let alone receive the monitor. Thank you for sharing your experience.

@Cas Is there any way you can check on my order and if any emails were sent? I believe I have not received any.


@Aethel could you give some explanation as to why a new order for a 4K glossy (less than 20 days ago) was fulfilled and delivered to a US customer and i myself being a US customer also have paid in full since 10/26/2022 have not received my 4K glossy?

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I had a 1440 preordered that has been “pending” a refund for so long my cc company won’t even let me challenge the original charge. When I got the email saying the glossy 4K was in stock I asked if I could transfer the funds to that and pay the difference, and they agreed. It arrived in less than a week, awesome looking packaging, and inside was a matte display. It has FW for the for the DC9. I’ll be reaching out to them soon, just wanted to share my experience.


I received mine today (about an hour ago), and I’m still stunned by the beauty of this thing. Never had any experience with buying Eve/Dough products, but I’ve followed the company ever since the Eve V was on IndieGoGo. I took a chance after receiving an email that the 4K Glossy monitors had a President’s Day sale with quick shipping.

My 4K Glossy timeline:
Ordered - 2/22/23
Shipped - 3/6/23 (from Las Vegas, NV)
Delivered - 3/10/23 (Washington, DC)
NERVOUS - The whole time!

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@resipsaloquitur This is good for you, but also infuriating at the same time. That orders given 2 weeks ago are getting shipped whereas other US customers are waiting since mid 2022 for their delivery and no status update whatsoever is just more evidence for the incompetency of Dough / Eve.

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At the moment we are still working on getting the units to EU region.

As far as I know, the shipping is happening in parallel. Meaning that fulfilment is done on both old and new orders.

Can you please send me a DM? Please create a new message for me. I am sorry if I haven’t responded much in the DM. I receive hundreds in daily basis!

This is very odd. I will report this to logistics team. By the way, can you check the print in the box… does it say ES07DC9 or ES07D03?

Not only that, it also has the firmware for it

Hi there,

That is indeed firmware for ES07DC9. Thank you for confirming! I have sent you a DM for this.

For anyone following this, they acknowledged the issue and told me they were working on a solution on 3/13

Still waiting since March 2022. I’m living in EU, maybe this is a problem now?

An update

Support responded the 21st, I replied and am waiting to hear back again.

Another buyer has the same issue: Wrong item received - matte screen shipped in glossy box