Spectrum [240hz] Pre-ordered!

I have just preordered the 240hz version of Spectrum and I really hope that this will be my definitive monitor!
I have bought a new ASUS XG279Q just 3 days ago and even though I’m happy about performances, it makes my eyes hurt just after a 10-minute session (especially on Windows). I previously had a 31.5’ MSI (VA Panel) and never had any problem, I’m used to playing and working on PC for 10+ hours every day and this is the first time I’ve been encountering this on a monitor. I’ve been gathering some feedback from other XG279Q’s owners and some have my same problem, highlighting that maybe is the hard anti-glare coating they have implemented.

Anyone knows how will the coating be on the Spectrum? Also, will it support technology like ELMB from ASUS? If yes, can it be enabled together with G-Sync?

I hope you nail it guys, really need a good monitor in my life right now!


i also pre-ordered, and i really-really hope that its support and product is gonna be Waaaaaay better than the recent eveV that i just purchased.