Speaker Quality on two different devices

As some of you may know i had a problem with my HEB V when it arrived. In short there was problem with the tablet itself, in the pogo pins. Keyboard not working. Received a replacement unit very quickly from Eve.
The defective one will be sent back to Eve for checking.
Having both V’s at the moment, i installed on both of them the new audio drivers and there is still a big difference in volume,bass and audio quality. I have them side by side,same drivers,same audio volume, same track in YouTube.
The defective one sounds better with more bass.
The new one sounds like there is not much of a difference with the new drivers.

What could be the cause?

Identical Windows built too?

yes everything identical

Are you sure the new drivers installed correctly on the bad sounding one?

yes i am sure.
both systems have the same driver version.
Just to be sure i installed them twice.

Check the equalizer settings


Would you mind uploading a video if this persists?

i can upload a video tomorrow morning.

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equalizer settings both on none.
no effects, nothing

Try setting them to something else (the same thing), the change my force something to fix.

nothing changes…still the same difference

So it sounds like you want a third unit? Wonder when the refurb side of the web store will open?:thinking:

it sounds more like something doesn’t sound right. (English grammar it is)

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no dear god i don’t want i third unit.this one is absolutely fine.

Don’t judge the music :stuck_out_tongue:
tried my best so you can possibly hear the difference.
More bass on the defective unit.


Thats odd.
Maybe there is something else going on with some of the units than just driver/settings etc…
If so, there is a need to get to the bottom of this, as some folks may return their V because they think that the improvement of the drivers is not enough (or just live with it), where in fact, it may bey their unit has some issue from a HW perspective.

Do you think you can compare the 2 units with the old drivers too?
And possibly play a bit with the new unit - check left/right channel separately to see if they bot sound the same bad, see if you can get a comparable improvement with playing with the equalizer?


i will try and play with the new unit a little.

what’s the name of the song used ?

   ...... Refeel - Always......

Just remember how much time you gave EVE to perfect the product and its cost based on tech specs. You have a lot of money invested in a product that essentially is a year old in the technology cycle so if it’s lacking or there is an issue … like One Plus would say, Don’t settle!