SP4 i5 or wait and see

Heya folks, so I’m in a dilemma. I’m looking for a new computer and the 4 most important things to me is (not in any particular order) portability, storage, cost, and battery life. So the CPU itself is not important because I don’t do any heavy tasks besides some compiling and media consumption. The V m3 model almost checks all the right spots but the 128gb ssd is a huge blow, combine visual studios (60gb alone), vm, and the OS and im running tight for space (not to mention any other programs i may need). I’m aware that the 3 variants made were created to show the different tiers in pricing. I 100% do NOT need the i5 model because despite its 256gb sdd, the price (though not confirmed) is a bit high. Considering the early bird was $950 USD it would probably cost considerable amount more.

So Microsoft (here in Canada at least) is selling the SP4 i5 256gb + keyboard for $1170 CAD ($880 USD), probably just trying to get rid of the SP4 to make room for the new SP. The battery life from what I’ve seen is not great compared to the V. So what im wondering is, will the m3 variant eventually be available with 256gb? I’m willing to wait several months, but not more than a year.

So should i just get the SP4 for what i think is a pretty good deal, or just wait and see if the m3 comes with 256gb? Because if i end up waiting, the SP4 deal will probably be gone. All this assuming the i5 variants isn’t priced too high, keep in mind im going waaay over budget for myself for the SP4 as it is.

You could get the m3 version and a microSD card of the size that you need. It can stay in V permanently. As far as getting SP4 - if battery is really important for you, then any version of V would be in a totally different league, as SP4 barely got me to 4h in the year+ I’ve used. Plus neither SP4 nor any of the new Surfaces Pro or Laptop are future proof as they lack USB-C and TB3, in case you planning to keep your device 2-4 years that is something to consider. Hope this helps

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Does sd card have the ability to run programs off of it? I just assumed it holds space for any media and files. If it can store my programs and run them then that’s definitely an option!

SD cards in windows is just like another storage drive. It will be slower than ssd, but if you get decent one it should be at least on par with hdd. Also once the program loads into ram you should be fine running it.

As Alexandr said, there will be no problem for running it. But the loading times will take longer on a ‘classic’ class 10 SD card than on a 7200 RPM HDD.

Would it be possible if you could maybe link a SD card that can match at least that of a HDD? I can certainly live with those kind of speeds, just put my more frequently used stuff on the ssd

The SD card has a limit of speed depending on its class.
You also have the possibility to buy a small sized SSD, or an external HDD, depending on your budget.
Small SSDs are very handy !

I’m looking for this one:


or this one:


Hmmmm…very promising! I was unaware that sd cards had the ability to run programs, i was told that they were just too slow to be able to do anything except hold files and music/movies. I would like to avoid using external drives, but the sd card seems to be a solid solution. I’m gonna aim for that samsung sd card @Lukas_Fikr linked (probably smaller one because of costs). Thanks for the help everyone!

I’m using same setup (with 200 GB SanDisk microSD) in my MS Surface Book - I don’t use it for programs, but for my OneDrive folder, some music and movies and mainly for technical library eBooks (Word, PDF, ePub, DJVU).

I don’t know if you already did, but you should check out small sized external SSD like this one, http://a.co/er10Fjf
It’s not that big, like the size of3 fingers I’d say ? And it’s faster and cheaper than an SD card.

One more thing: although there were no promises, if I remembered correctly the @Team once mention that they may accept customization after the Eve store goes online. So if you are to wait until then, you might have the chance to customize the size of the SSD. Bear in mind that if that’s an option, it would most probably cost a lot more than the base m3 model. My guess is around the price of a 256GB microSD card for a 512GB upgrade.

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I did! I was thinking probably something like this [https://goo.gl/kFACrr], but i think what i might do is just end up waiting overall. Now that i know i can use a sd card and possibly an external (just not a fan of having to have an external drive with me all the time, defeats the portability of the device imo).

@kazenorin got me thinking that even if they didn’t allow customization, MAYBE the V i5 variant might cost about the same as buying an m3 and another storage device (if i wanted to be an optimist). If not, i’ll just settle for the other solutions. Thanks for the help again everyone!