Soundbar PC 2 in 1

So here is a crazy idea but I have been on the market for some discrete and capable Mini PC’s to use in the rooms throughout the house since going with a Roku, AppleTV, FireStick, etc… present to many challenges in making sure I have the all the streaming services I need. Though some of them on the market can get the job done I realized that none of them has tried to build a unique and customized experience on slapping a low powered chip into a small space. After thinking about things for some time I remembered the HP Wave which is a near perfect solution in the hardware department decent sound, alexa built-in, and windows 10 making this closest to ideal but then came the size/shape while it is beautiful to look at having something that blended in more would be most ideal. After a couple of months with the device I was just about to mod this thing into a soundbar myself but then I thought to myself that it would be missing one thing an easy to use remote that can both power on/off the device, and feature a mini handheld keyboard of some sort. Now I know this is a lot but what I am basically saying is would building a Soundbar/PC/Alexa device designed to work with a remote control that can both power up said device be something that anyone else be interested in and if so how can we get get the eVe team to make this happen? (Also apologizes for the poor grammar).

If they do make this happen just know I would be looking to purchase 5 of them for each of the rooms throughout my house lol.