Sound - is it just a problem with the speakers?

Practically all HEBs report sound is not as good as expected, with occasional reports of some problems with the left speaker.

Can those lucky enough to have their V comment if a) they have the issue too, esp. with left speaker and b) if the sound on headphones is ok (I do most of my writing fueled by music into premium headphones, so I don’t worry that much about the built-in speakers as I do about the sound card & amplifier quality).

Would be nice if someone from the Team said something about QA adjustments to cure this issue for future Vs.

Or simply boot from a USB into some Linux live-session and see if it is the same problem.

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This is terrible news, one of the main reason I ordered (HEB, 1TB upg) was to do audio production!

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Here are my thoughts: Audio Quality in Eve V - #3 by Odin_go

Not very encouraging, I’d say. :frowning: Any chance this is just a hardware problem in your V? What did support say?

I am waiting for official answer. I’ll tell you when I’ll get the answer.

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The team is currently working on a fix for the speaker situation, I’m sure there will be an update in the coming hours/days! Nothing to worry about


I have some odd distortion from the left speaker but only from system alerts. Music was fine from that speaker. I asked a mate who knows his sound to check for any distortion and he didn’t find any. He said that the sound quality is about what one would expect from small, low powered speakers.

Really, the sound isn’t terrible, isn’t just not as good as some people were expecting


I don’t know anything about audio production, but I’d assume you don’t need the V for playing the audio but for processing.
Let’s face it, this is a tablet, not a 7.1 surround system.

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yes we know that. But watching Netflix isn’t pleasure with today setup.


Really? If you do audio production I suppose you have some hardware DSP unit and using external audio monitors for playback or headphones at least.

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I agree with you. Personal experience dictates many reasons why the V would not be my choice for audio or video production for anything other than home audio/video recordings.
I do believe V could be very useful for DJ’s with appropriate external devices.
I’d rather use a hand-held digital recorder for around $350 or more for field recordings. YMMV. Just my opinion.

I use a primary machine to do assembly using my DAW software, then export the DAW files and finish on a different, more powerful machine. Good stereo sep is important in the first stage, quality headphones are a must of course. BUT … listening to the “first draft” on native speakers, even crappy ones, gives me a good indication of what the audience will hear when the radio station “crunches” my output for 128kbps web streaming. So if there is an issue with the speakers, that won’t be a showstopper, but it will be a significant annoyance.

Any experience with headphones? @Artur_Jedrzejewski & other lucky V owners?

Gents, i’m trying to create a consolidated QnA thread, can we move this discussion there?

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