Sound connection via monitor

Hey guys, I’ve had the Spectrum for a couple weeks now and the visual aspect is amazing.
I’m having a little trouble with connecting to audio, though. Hoping for a bit of advice.

I have a ps5 connected to the monitor via hdmi and usually just use headphones connected to the controller which is good enough. I’ve just bought a soundbar to connect to the monitor now but I can’t get it to work. The soundbar has hdmi arc, Bluetooth, and optical connection but I know Spectrum doesn’t have eARC compatibility. Ive tried a 3.5 - optical cable but that didn’t work.

Any advice for how to properly connect audio directly from monitor?

I suggest a USBDAC or USBDDC. (PS5, not Spectrum, to be connected).
The Spectrum’s 3.5mm audio output doesn’t have very good sound quality, and it also introduces noise when HDR is on.
If your soundbar’s input is optical digital, you will need a USBDDC.
Note that there are only a limited number of USBDACs and USBDDCs that work with the PS5.

If you have Bluetooth support, a Bluetooth transmitter may work as well.
However, latency is unavoidable. Bluetooth speakers and headphones are not recommended for gaming.

If you are willing to sacrifice HDMI 2.1, you can also use an HDMI audio extractor.

I haven’t used this one, but here are some affordable DACs & DDCs that work with the PS5 and are in stock on Amazon right now.

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Make sure it’s a UAC1 USB DAC. I’d suggest a Schiit Hella or Fulla or a creative G6. They will 100% work. I’m using the G6 bc I had it already. But I am a big fan of Schiit’s gear.

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i have a G6 as well. I’ve been playing on pc the most recently so i ended picking up a creative AE-7 soundcard. I still have the G6 for backup just in case.

Nice, I have an AE-7 as well. Little glitchy in Win 11, but support mentioned they are working on new drivers.

i am using win 11. i don’t noticed anything glitchy with latest drivers.

Sometimes toggling direct mode on and off will cause commander to not find the card. I use direct mode when I’m playing hi res or DSD music.

That’s the only major issue. They had me run a diagnostic program and send them the logs. Then later updated me that a Win 11 specific package was WIP.

i just tried the direct mode for the first time and i also had a pop up screen saying something like cant find card please connect a sound card. a few seconds after reading the message. direct mode was then working but the sound volume sounded soft. i then turned it off to go back into my original sound setup for the ae-7.

If Windows doesn’t find it on mode switch, just disable / enable in device manager.