Some tips for Eve V2

Firstly, congratulations to those of you that have received your V2s.

I just wanted to create a thread of tips for people with the V2. There were three things that are worth mentioning from my experience of owning a V1:

  1. The V1 was very fragile. There were a number of stories of people cracking their screens with the gentlest of knocks when inside a backpack (sometimes not even realizing that the backpack had been knocked). Hopefully the V2 will be more sturdy, but I would strongly recommend that you’re very careful with the V2 and keep it well padded when traveling.

  2. The V1 screen was easily scratched by the keyboard. Here’s an example:
    This is because the keyboard pushes against the screen and moves around when in your backpack. Our solution was to put something between the keyboard and screen to protect the screen before closing the machine.

  3. The keyboard connectors broke very easily. Therefore, be very careful when disconnecting and connecting the keyboard.

As I say, I have no idea whether the V2 has the same issues. But once it’s scratched, cracked or broken, it’s too late. That’s why I wanted to warn V2 owners just in case. The last thing you want is to damage your machine, especially after waiting so long! Enjoy your V2s :slight_smile: