Some spec upgrades possible?

Hello, first of all, I like this product and I’m about to order one during the next batch. Hopefully with a German keyboard layout. But I have to add that I personally miss a 4G modem inside the Eve v. I’d also love to see DDR 4 and other kaby lake CPUs. I do know that the i7-7Y75 is smaller and causes less heat than the 7600u for example, but I’d love to see a higher performance for the price. Okay, any 7th gen HQ CPU would be too much. Quad core would be awesome, but let’s be realistic for a moment, simply not possible. Also as mentioned before somewhere in the community, it would be awesome to control the backlight LEDs of the keyboard for example that they flash in a different color for 3s when you receive a new email. And to be honest, I would go with a 13.3" device when you add a bigger battery :wink: It’s relatively simple, there are other 12hrs devices out there and if you want to beat them, you should beat the battery as well :slight_smile: But that are only my 2 cents :wink: I do love the idea with the dual mic noise reduction and the quad speakers :slight_smile: And I personally don’t need a 2k resolution 1080p would be enough and may reduce the power consumption. Maybe it’s possible that customers can customize the product a bit more? Like

12.3" or 13.3". Add 4G or a 2nd SSD (m.2). Decide RAM and SSD size individually. Take the 48hrs battery or a bigger one (which leads to a bigger size and a heavier device). Selecting different CPUs, some more advanced than the current supported models but with the information that this leads to a higher power consumption. Choose 1080p, 2k or 4k display (4k only in 13.3" devices, I guess). Keyboard Layout and by default without any OS, Windows 10 Home or Pro or well known linux distros

I don’t know much about Hardware, but I think changing that much would delay it just by another 6 months

Like @Patrick_Hentschel, I’d rather not see any further delay at all. However, whilst the screen issue (from 07.07 update) is resolved, it would be interesting if LTE/4G could be incorporated. It’s a feature high on my wish list.

However, with the chassis likely already produced, any change that requires external modification would be non viable.

Let’s finish the device we agreed on and deliver.


That would require a lot of changes to the aluminium body and I would think that would cause a major delay as it would be need to be designes, tested and then produced.


Takes too many physical changes of the device. Can’t afford any more delays.

I do like some of the ideas, some are technically not realistic I think or would contradict the route the V intends to go. I am not sure however, if the request is about changes to the device while we wait for the screens / screen decision… or if it is (based on the category) more related to “V2”. If it is the latter, the following topic might be the best place to add your requests @martinjohannes93

I agree the LTE solution is beyond the scope for now, but maybe as a group we could source a group buy of some MiFi portable hotspots?

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Yep, there is one.

Many do, however the housing isn’t able to let the signal through at the moment. So without redesigning the whole tablet no 4G, sorry :frowning:

Besides the fact that components are already purchased, DDR4 is not supported by our processor.

Not sure if this is doable by software; do devs have access to the backlight-function @iKirin?

Same here, but size is almost set atm (except if the new screens are bigger, let’s see).

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I don’t think we’ve got official direct access for devs - I know that the firmware programmer for the board has access to it, but he’s working on the firmware so :smiley:

Okay, in that case, you should not create an interface for it because of possible vulnerabilities.

Thank you very much for all the head ups, Tirigon! It was very useful. 4G (bc most devices do not include it, but in my opinion, it’s a most, way better than insecure public Wifis and I personally forget the dongle every time when I need one^^), DDR4 (other kaby lake cpus are compatible) and a 13.3" screen would be awesome in future devices. I do understand that it’s not possible to include all the wishes right now, but let’s see what the future brings! I really love to see how active the team is in that community so that customers can share their thoughts and insights with you! I definitely keep in touch with you guys and I really do not want to wait for the next batch to order one :wink: Time is money^^ Jk^^ When I have to wait, I can wait :wink:

I also have a business insight for you: You could allow a limited amount of preorders for every batch, that may reduce the price as well because you don’t need credits with interests and customers have the possibility to reserve a device. Also, you can order a bunch of parts with discounts. Something like 20% of the planned amount of devices for the next batch can be paid in advance. I would not allow unlimited preorders because that requires shorter production and delivery times and could be very risky. But geeks love to preorder, guess that is why you had success with crowdfunding. Most online shops (especially chinese shops) also have that possibility before they get new devices :wink:

did not know that there are plans for a gen 2 device! I’ll check this out. Thank you!

You’re welcome. A generation 2 is not a guaranteed thing, might never come. But based in other players the market might demand it. And potentially it won’t be the same device with minor spec updates, but instead also broader changes could be done.

All your ideas are very valid, and I’m sure they will be considered / implemented in the second V (if there is one).
Hope you stay here untill V is ready to ship :wink:

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I use Aurora for my Logitech G910 and it’s awesome. Logitech & Razer also come with OOTB software components to control the keyboard lights. Something like Aurora provides a ton of benefits to everyday use with highlighted keyboard shortcuts and overall control of the lights and effects. Sounds like something like this won’t be possible with the V, but would be a welcome software addition down the road if it could be exposed for customization!!

I personally find tethering my smartphone works fine instead of spending more on LTE models


really want to see amd apu or a small gpu in v2 or atleast a better processor