Some simple issues that are fixable?

Been a backer since early 2021, but got the shipment of the 144hz 4k monitor in November.
Have been pleasantly happy ever since but some issues that may be addressable in updates:
Input switching:

  • Select automatically sometimes does not work
    = For reference, connected to a PC and a PS5 at the same time, turning on/off one sometimes doesn’t turn on the display when in standby mode. Conversely, if I turn off one, will not switch automatically to the an input. Example, both are on but if I turn off one the screen does not switch.

  • There is somewhat of a burn in that i notice on very dark setting (loading screens) but is not present when bright enough

  • HDR automatically sets to brightest and can’t be changed, understand reason but could be better

All in all still works great, maintains 144 hz on some 4k ps5 games with support. PC dependent on game but can hold on games like Valorant. Even connected LifX smart light strip to back for contrast ligthting

IPS panels like the Spectrum uses are supposed to be almost immune to burn-in issues. However, there is the chance that unwanted charge can build up in the memory that acts as a screen buffer, and that charge can a burn-in style effect.

One of the ways to fix this charge build-up is to cycle through a series of bright colours. I’ve created a basic web app that can do this for you.

Next time you run into the burn-in issue, use this and see if it helps. If the issue goes away after 30 seconds then the problem is residual charge build-up. If it sticks around then the issue may be something more pervasive.

Update: More patterns to choose from. I don’t know if these many any real difference, but you can give them a go.


Hi @ftbchrisbs,

I’m happy to hear you are loving your Spectrum. (So am I :slight_smile: I can’t wait to receive my ES07D02)

This should be resolved in the next coming firmware update.


worked like a charm with no issues there. I want to replicate it but unsure how i can show it

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another feature i noticed is theres a way to use the joystick on screen to do quick switching of input and putting up the frame rate counter. Any manual with all those features?

if you press left on the joystick it brings up the Frame counter down or up move it to the four corners of the screen, right pulls up crosshair and up or down move it accordingly. Quick switch inputs off the joy stick only works for me when in standby. It would be nice if the up and down clicks out of standby mode did input switching and preset switching.