Some questions about using the V as a tablet

Please bear with me because I’m not only new to the Eve but to Windows as well. It seems that when I want to use my Eve as a tablet (with tablet mode either inactive or active) it’s awkward to interact with the screen, either with my finger or the pen. Tablet mode, from what I can tell, is not really helpful–it just removes the bar along the bottom and makes navigation more difficult. The screen magnification stays the same, which means that using my finger is really hard. So I thought that I would use the pen, but that’s even worse: when I tap on links or files or whatever, most of the time nothing happens and I have to tap once or twice more to get the tap to register. (I do have the use pen as mouse setting turned on). This is obviously really frustrating, but I have no way to know if it is expected behavior or whether I’m doing something wrong.

Just generally, I’m a little disappointed by tablet mode. I was hoping to replace both my Macbook Pro and my iPad Pro with the Eve, but so far it seems that the tablet experience of the iPad is far superior to the Eve. Dumb question, perhaps, but why wouldn’t Windows tablet mode be more touch friendly? It feels like trying to interact with a regular computer OS with my fingers, which is highly unpleasant…

Tablet mode works ok on my V.

It could be a Windows setting.

As we all know, the orchestra in our computers counts on many players and many instruments to play the Windows correctly.
The bad thing is that sometimes a player and/or an instrument is really out of tune. . . . . . :thinking:

Curious to see what you mean. Maybe a video can better show if its an issue or just windows