Software with scrambled screen resolution

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Would this be a resolution?
[EDIT the Photoshop Elements 7 is an EXAMPLE where to click to make this solution work]
Right click on the .exe file, then select properties.
For me, it works very often quite well.
You check the box “override…” and
click either on System (Enhanced) or on System. image


Photoshop Elements 7 is very old and outdated. You might want to upgrade or try something else. If I were to upgrade I would not want the latest version but last years instead (2017). 2018 version has MANY complaints on Amazon.

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@SoundMix oh I know about Photoshop Elements 7,
this was just an EXAMPLE that this way of adjusting works well also with any others. I tried to find a software which I can use for this screenshot above :wink: to help the Original Poster of the closed thread out.

Upgrade too expensive, I use PE7 for little things here and there but otherwise not, I am not a big photo-manipulater :smiley: