Software Tools for the V

Hey guys! I thought it would be good to have a central thread where people could come to find software tools for the V. If anybody in the community has scripts or software that they find neat or useful, please link it below!

Some ideas have already been discussed in these threads:

Some examples may be:

  • Brightness slider in the taskbar

  • Using the Pen as a powerpoint clicker

  • Non-windows battery saver style software

  • Calman software for screen color calibration

  • Benchmark software that will work well for the V

  • Thunderbolt/eGPU software (if there is any such thing)

Those were just some ideas off the top of my head, obviously many people will think of many other things they would like to see. Random things have been shared through different threads, and I’ll try to go back and find a few. But I hope the rest of the community can help me out!


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I don’t understand? Eve V has no Bluetooth. Are you sure? How than buttons works?

By the way, what I miss the most is good epub reading software with pen annotation functions (on pdf it is working like magic) and cloud sync, so I can continue reading on my android phone. Unfortunately there is only two apps that support cloud sync - Bookmate and Kindle, however on kindle you can sync only those book bought in store:(

V does have bluetooth indeed (the keyboard wouldn’t work wirelessly without BT). Not sure if you can use the PEN as a powerpoint clicker


It would be nice if this option would be checked by someone from the community.
It might be interesting - would this feature work with V and surface pen.

My bad! The V pen doesn’t have Bluetooth (as far as I remember).

On my Surface I have an auto hot key script that turns the pen into a PowerPoint clicker, but I’m fairly sure that will only work with Bluetooth. Thus, I’m not sure if the V Pen is capable of this.

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The V pen has to be in close proximity to the screen for the buttons to work. It’s the same as with the Surface Pen side button.
So it would work with an auto hotkey script, but only in the range of the pen (approximately 8 cm). So technically it works but is of no use. On the other hand, you can use the Surface Pen and connect it through Bluetooth, just like you did with your Surface Pro. On the Surface Pen, the click button is handled completely different from the other button.


Exactly my thoughts, but I’ll wait for my V to test it. I’ll post my AHK script for the Surface Pen later.

The keyboard could be used for PowerPoint, though it is less convenient.

Lolz guys! You could use a detachable Bluetooth keyboard as a clicker. A bit bulkier, but it have a touch-pad and arrows there + all other keys. Everything you need for your super-duper presentations. Isn’t it? Well I will use it that way definitely, if I’ll need to do a presentation ever. At least for coolness sake, because nobody have such an option.

Anyway, It’s offtopic already.


The v keyboard will work as a Bluetooth know too :wink:

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I don’t know of a better way to share files right now, though I am extremely open to suggestions. Right now I’ve got a .ahk and .exe that do the same thing, and work with the Surface Pro 4 pen. Show Seconds.ps1 is a simple command line that enables seconds in the taskbar clock.

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Would a script called Format C: count? :stuck_out_tongue: But this is an interesting thread to be honest. Currently going through a C and C++ retraining so maybe I can cook something up.

Does something exist to adjust the pressure curve of the stylus? Is that a W10 thing, or is it something we need to write ourselves?

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On the Surface, there is the Surface app from Microsoft (on the store obviously), and that allows you to change some more pen settings than are available in Windows Settings. I imagine this would work fine on the V, unless Microsoft added a line to ensure it is only installed on Surface products.

Seeing as this works, I imagine there should be a 3rd party app that could do the same thing.


One of my favorite Windows tools, just be sure you click the right link on the page

Click: Download Winaero Tweaker

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Hey guys lets not forget Rainmeter mentioned multiple times in this community. Even stock, Rainmeter provides a wealth of information.


Rainmeter software has some malicious viruses, trojan horses and rootkits depending on where you download it from. It’s not very safe and can eat up computer resources in the background.

That’s true of a lot of things, being connected to the internet is probably the biggest security risk one can take with a computer! @wsaenot linked the official rainmeter site, and that’s safe enough. Rainmeter is also a very common software, so there are both good and bad addons, and it’s up to the individual user to determine the validity of addons.