Software to test my fingerprint reader?

Do you know of any software that I could use to check if my fingerprint reader is not damaged?

Fingerprint sign-in stopped working like two+ months ago. When I tried to re-setup it in Windows it seems that the sensor senses something, because it seems it detects the first couple of times I touch the sensor, but it seems to fail to register subsequent touches and the setup process can’t complete.


What did I do to be treated as an idiot?

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Do you want people to help you or not? Its a standard troubleshooting process.

Let me treat you like a genius that you always deserve to be: Go code your own test software.

Sorry if this sounds offensive, but if someone goes out of their busy day and gives their time to help you out, the least thing you could do is to say “thank you”, or at least dont say anything at all. Anything less than that is just an asshole.


Dear Patrick:

  • The assumption that I didn’t do the simplest thing possible is offensive.
  • It also shows that whoever wrote that did not read my post in which I clearly say I did it, which is disrespectful (good netiquette is reading before commenting/replying).
  • It also shows they did not read or understand my question - I don’t ask how to enable fingerprint sign-in in Windows, I do ask if someone knows software for testing this hardware component.

As I prove above there is nothing to thank for.

Now dear @Patrick_Hermawan you can go and offend someone else with your a-word. Do you know any more such words?


Same. Like i keep getting different error codes. First 10 then 50something(i think) now 43.

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:sweat_smile:"find compatible devices"

To be honest, I agree with Emin on that one. It’s not a forum fill a population of “unaware” people.
So it is offensive when a guy come and add a message only to read himself obviously. If you are not helping please, refrain yourself.

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I think the second last ditch effort… is trying a different driver intended for a different computer… but can u trust the download source?

Softpedia drivers is trustworthy source, Id say

It is not astonishing (in my opinion) that people try to help you out after reading the whole post.

Suggesting that I do again what I already described I did is not helping. As is asking if I did what I described I did.

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  1. Try to reinstall Intel SGX (this seems to be a good source Intel Developer Zone)
  2. Try to follow (some of) this guide

To avoid complete problematic interaction with windows, try first on a live Linux media like a live usb. There are several package to test your fingerprint sensor. If that doesn’t work you will have your answer between hardware/firmware problem and OS problem.
Since others have noted this same problem, I would first and since eve-tech is a mess for the duration of a human gestation now about mostly everything, I would clearly prioritize first the superficial troubleshooting (hardware problem) then only dive into OS systemic problems.

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