So that happened

Hi guys, long time no see…

So one of my esteemed colleague professor, have thrown away my V pen thinking that it was a no working pencil the other day. Without knowing that it was mine of course.

Any idea how should I replace it?


Welcome back, @boistordu!

Our community has suggested several alternatives to the 1st-Gen V pen here. The summary is that the 1st-Gen V is compatible with any N-Trig (including some Surface) pen. You can also contact our support team if you would like to seek advice from them.



Hope he’s going to reimburse you!

It’s planned yeah. I’m going to order a surface pen I think then. Unless some of you tell me not to do it of course. Thanks for all the informations


I can confirm that the surface pen works. I used the Eve V with the Surface Pen since day 1, since I like the felt tip of the surface pen

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