So how is mini mass production going?

According to the latest updates, mass production was supposed to start yesterday.
Any updates on that? Issues, progress report?

I ordered a hyper early bird i7, when can I expect my new slick tablet to show up at my doorstep? :slight_smile:

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Mass production wont be starting yet. They will start mini production (the 50 units) in today/in few days.

The delivery timeline is still schedulet for beginning of May (estimated 7th - 10th of May) and after finished they will be shipped immediatley. So the devices should be on backers in the middle of May i think


no, iirc mini mass production is actually supposed to be units for the first batch already (provided nothing goes wrong :wink:)


Yes guys! We are working on it. We can tell exact date only once we received the tracking number from the courier. We are now improving the assembly process. Once we have updates we will let you know!